Many games are on the Google Play Store for you to choose from. You can find games that revolve around your hobbies and interests. With these games, you can do things that seem difficult to achieve in real life. Playing this games will let us be like fast and furious drivers, skilled basketball players, spacecraft captains, and a lot more. For a cooking enthusiast, you can become a professional cook with cooking games.

Cooking is an old and one of the finest art present on Earth. For the fact that it is meant to satisfy a person’s individual taste makes it to be held in high regard by culinary experts. What if you want to enjoy the experience of cooking without passion through the actual work of it? Just try cooking games. These game help you kill boredom while adding to your knowledge of cooking. Below are the best 5 cooking games for Android.

Best Cooking Games for Android

  1. Bistro Cook 2

Let your cooking skills come alive as you cook and serve your hungry customers with Bistro Cook 2 app. You can become the chef you want to be and cook virtual meals on your Android device. With the basic controls, all you need do is to tap the screen to select ingredients, prepare meals and serve hungry customers. To play this game, you need the skills of a sharp mind and quick fingers. The ingredients are grouped into 4 pantries vegetables, meat, others, and drinks. The task involves you preparing the meal before orders become too many. For example, if fried egg is wanted by a customer, you just tap the egg in the other pantry and the frying pan to fry the egg. You’ll find a progress bar appear below the dish.


  1. World Chef

World Chef is one of the most popular cooking games that allows you to cook different dishes from countries all over the world. With the game, you have the opportunity of trying out cooking from about 20 countries. This makes it an international game that collates several cuisines in one app. The idea that this game builds on is to give you ample experience to run your own restaurant. Although, it may not give you all the needed experience to run a real restaurant, it will surely give you tips. Contained in the game are servers, chefs and welcoming VIP guests to you restaurant. The game has you offering services that are perfect at your restaurant to ensure that VIP customers keep coming.


  1. Diner Dash

See Flo back in the biggest Diner Dash game ever – the #1 hit time management casual game series! Prepare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner shifts as Flo is in need of your assistance. By your provision of speedy service and sumptuous food, you gain tips to help the town  diners remain in business and whisk off Mr. Big’s brigade Eat-Mor fast food restaurants. Contained in the game is over 150 action-packed levels featuring a gameplay that is fast paced. You must succeed in each stage by satisfying customers to earn tips and rewards.


  1. Burger

You get the opportunity to serve the best burgers with this game brought to you by Magma Mobile. Burger has over fifty million downloads. This makes it one of the most popular cooking games on the Play Store so you should try it out. It is a simple game though it gets more challenging as you play more. Burger focus is only on the burger so if you want a game that let’s you cook other type of food, then this is not for you. There are different game mode available in the game to keep you engaged but the regular story mode has all to keep you playing


  1. Cooking Fever

Addiction is another name for Cooking Fever as it is also a time management based game. You can cook more than 400 dishes with the 150 ingredients available. Cooking Fever is a captivating cooking  game for Android. You can make use of all type of kitchen equipments.  It offers you 13 unique dishes such as dessert, fast food, restaurants etc. There’s also support for social media sharing of foods . It is also possible to upgrade your kitchen to prepare better meals in this game.


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