Best DJI Drones clones: Here are the affordable alternatives

The DJI drones are definitely the best drones on the market but are aimed at a high end and have very high prices. Fortunately, there are good clones that allow us to have quadcopters with design and functions similar to the originals. In this study I explain you which are the best DJI clone drones that you can buy for about 50 euros, they are all 6-axis quartzes ideal for novices and experts.


One of the 4 best clone drones of the DJI products I have chosen is the TYH TY-T6. This drone boasts good features and is sold for only 36 euros. The construction, solid and of good quality, allows you to have a precise and easy to drive drone in your hands. The battery has a duration of 18 minutes and allows you to carry out flights of sufficiently long duration. The other features tell us about a good economic drone with a 2.4G connection that can fly up to 50 meters away and features various flight modes that allow you to automatically manage the orientation and height, as well as make more complex evolutions and 3D flip.

Attop XT-1

Another DJI clone drone is the new Attop XT-1: a finely crafted quadcopter with an integrated camera. Attop’s quadrocopter is designed to be an excellent entry-level drone. The build quality is generally good and we find ourselves in the hands a well-piloted drone, both at low and high speed, and usable both inside and outside thanks to the different flight modes. The 2MP camera allows you to take photos and videos and can be used while you pilot to follow the drone route thanks to 2.4 GHz WiFi technology. This drone is equipped with various flight modes suitable for those who are beginners and those who want to have fun with evolutions. The 800 mAh battery guarantees a flight time of 7 minutes, enough to have some fun. The price/quality ratio is excellent: Attop XT-1 is sold for only51 euros.


The drone 8807W is a clone of the most famous DJI and behaves well, thanks to good specifications, and has an unbeatable price for what is offered. The clone of the drone Mavic DJI is sold for only 42 euros and is a good product that moves well thanks to the good data sheet and allows you to have fun and learn to drive without too many thoughts. The good features and the 720p camera allow you to take great pictures of the high and could be a good drone for photos of the next holidays.


Closed my selection on the best DJI drone clones with the A6W drone. This quadrocopter is sold at an excellent price of 72 dollars and has a good technical data sheet that makes it an attractive product for all those who want to start flying. The many flight modes and good engines make it stable, fast and easy to drive. Adding the 2 megapixel camera facilitates flight and allows you to take photos and videos. An appreciable feature is the possibility to close it and make it so easily transportable.

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