Best Feature Phones to buy in 2017

Best Feature Phones to buy in 2017

A feature phone (also known as a Basic phone) is a mobile phone that possesses simple and general features such as the ability to make phone calls, access the Internet and store and play music but lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone; as Google Dictionary defines it. Feature phones have been in existence since time immemorial. Before the advent of smartphones in the mid 90’s, feature phones have been in existence and witnessed huge acceptance.

The first feature phone to have existed (the Motorola DynaTAC) was released as far back as 1984. The device was tagged a “Basic device” due to its inability to do anything more than making voice.

With the snowballing popularity and acceptance that the smartphone have gained, one would expect basic phones to go into extinction. Quite surprising that reverse is the case. Albeit feature (basic) phones they have been well overshadowed by the smartphones, they are still very much used by numerous people for several reasons, one of which is to support and reduce the workload on their new smartphone.

It is in this light that we shall be looking at the best feature phones to buy in 2017.


In no particular order;

11. Nokia 105

Nokia 105
Nokia 105


The Nokia 105 is the first version of the Nokia 105 series and it was released in 2013. The device has a small 1.45-inch screen that is duly protected by a plastic material lined with the outer body. The keypad of the Nokia 105 is made of rubber which leaves them susceptible to peeling and wearing off; likewise being damaged or punctured by a sharp object.

The Nokia 105 which has room for only one SIM card has a simple body design entirely made of plastic, a flash light at the top and is ultra light (weighs only 70 grams). Powering the Nokia 105 is a removable and replaceable 800mAh (BL-5CB) battery pack which can last months on normal usage.

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There you have it people, 7 Best Feature Phones to buy in 2017. Is there any device that you think is worthy of being on this list? Why don’t you tell us the name of the device in the comment box. We will be glad to hear from you.


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