Microsoft Surface Pro 10
Microsoft Surface Pro 10

We already had laptops up to 600 euros; we have the best ultrabooks here, but what about 2-in-1 devices or so-called hybrids? In the next part of our Christmas series, we have prepared the six best hybrid laptops for you.

Hybrid laptops are not as popular as traditional laptops, but they still offer interesting pieces that improve year after year on the technology side.

2-in-1 notebook or so-called hybrid notebook is a device that features a touchscreen as well as a variable body, which can be customized in many ways in addition to the usual “Notebook” function.

Hybrid laptops are more associated with Lenovo brand, which practically built a marketing campaign on the variety of features of these devices. For sure, everyone will recognise Lenovo’s classic ads for three ways to use their devices – like a computer, a tablet, and a viewing screen (tent mode).

This is precisely the benefits of hybrid laptops that provide variability and are designed for a variety of activities – from work through entertainment to study. It is these functions that differ from ultrabooks.

As tablet sales are declining, the hybrid laptops are replacing their place and provide a golden middle way between the simplicity of the tablet and the features of the computer.

The advantage of hybrid laptops is their speed, reliability, variability in use and lower weight. If you want a day-to-day device to work and play as a tablet for playing games and watching movies, then the hybrid laptop is right for you.

What you should know before buying hybrid laptops

As with any device, here too is the budget. Like Ultrabooks, hybrids laptops are moving in exciting numbers, and you can get one within the range of 300 euros and 400 euros, as well as 2-in-1 laptops for 1,500 euros. The pricing determines the features, processor, and brand value. Apple does not produce hybrid laptops.

Although some hybrid laptops are more expensive, the advantage is that you do not have to buy extra tablets and notebook in particular, as you have everything in one.

As for the processor, with hybrid notebooks, we encounter different types of powerful chips. As hybrid laptops are focused on work, there is no problem in finding the latest generation of Intel processors.

Another parameter is the degree of convertibility. While some hybrids form a single unit, a laptop that has a connected keyboard and a touchscreen that you can rotate, modern notebooks have identified the trend of disconnectable displays and special stands.

Some of the working hybrids laptops feature is the stylus pen for graphics work. Other models are designed primarily for entertainment and regular office work. This depends mainly on what you specifically use your notebook for.

Regarding endurance, hybrid laptops often overtake the size of the battery. The advantage of these devices is that they provide a long usage time.

The minus that has been bothering convertible notebooks for many years has been a small storage. But this is in the past; now hybrids have at least 256 GB of storage.

Again, the number of ports a notebook has is essential. Hybrids come with at least 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, a charger port and optionally a VGA port. You should not expect to see a CD ROM on hybrid notebooks.


  • When buying a hybrid notebook, prepare for higher prices, but you will get a lot of features.
  • Before buying, consider whether you want a fully customizable notebook with a removable keyboard or a convertible notebook without the ability to disconnect the keyboard module.
  • Carefully observe the battery life and not just the specs on paper. In forums, you can find detailed information about users experience.
  • As for storage, do not expect to have large volumes, but at least those 256 GB should be available.
  • When buying a notebook, see the number and types of ports.

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The best in the market

In our list, we have included six impressive pieces of hybrid notebooks in which each one of them has its unique features. We have tried to select different models from different brands and also in various price categories. We have chosen not cheaper notebooks because they do not qualify for the best level.

Top 6 Best Hybrid Laptops Under 2000€ You Will Not Regret To Buy (2017)

From the list of top 6 hybrid laptops, you will find out what makes one different from the other. However, laptops can be found on several sites even a few tens of euros cheaper.


1 999,00 €

Why you need to buy

It is still a fresh news that the ACER Switch 7 black edition was presented at this year’s IFA 2017 exhibition, was a pleasant surprise from Acer. The core of the notebook is indeed a professional design that goes with time and can compete with brands such as HP or Microsoft.

The notebook has dedicated graphics, specifically the NVIDIA GeForce MX150. Another exciting feature is the fanless cooling system, which has been fueled by the Dual LiquidLoop cooling technology, so no noisy cooling resembling the vacuum cleaner.

The Intel Core i7 8th generation, coupled with NVIDIA graphics, will be the right combination for roadside artists who, in addition to fast work, need to handle more demanding graphics. The notebook does not have a stylus pen, and the keyboard can be disconnected. It will undoubtedly please 16 GB of RAM and a decent 512 GB HDD storage.

Why to not buy

Acer has struck a bit this time with a price that is not entirely worthwhile. At the same time, the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition is not yet available but set to come in December, so you can expect it for Christmas.

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2. DELL XPS 13 2-IN-1

1 699,00 €

Why you need to buy

If you are a fan of a bez-frame display, then the new Dell XPS notebook is ideal for you. In addition to a high-quality, rugged construction, it also offers a decent battery life of 8 hours.

Intel Core i7 processor and Cooling will not take care of the passive cooling system.

Why to not buy

Someone may interfere with the absence of conventional USB ports that Dell has exchanged for USB-C. Another minus may be a lower performance if the notebook is in the load.

As for the price, again it is a relatively expensive piece for which you could have a great Ultrabook, and it would still come out on cheaper tablets.

3. HP SPECTRE X360 (2017)

1 599,00 €

Why you need to buy

The second generation of the stylish convertible notebook brings a lot of improvements. We mention, for example, the latest processors from Intel, i5 or i7. Inside, we also find 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage that will please you.

Bang & Olufsen has taken over the sound, and HP promises up to 16.5 hours, so even long jobs can be done without recharging.

Why not buy

In spite of many pluses, the fresh news is suffering from an imperfectly accurate touchpad as well as noisy fans. Some users have also begun to complain about a battery that does not reach promised numbers.

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849,00 €

Why you need to buy

The most affordable hybrid on our list offers a stylish design in the way of Windows Surface devices. As for the specifications, you’ll find the core processor Core m3-7Y30 or Core i5-7Y54, Intel Graphics Graphics 615 graphics and 8 GB RAM. There is a 128, 256 or 512 GB SSD disk available.

Why to not buy

A low price means you have to buy most accessories. Since this hybrid has only one USB-C port, the purchase will be appropriate to have recourse to a dock that will extend connectors. You can also buy a stylus pen for your notebook.

The battery life lasts for about 8 hours, which can be even less in practice. Do not even look for the top quality display due to the low price. Reviews also make it less accustomed to lesser performance.


1 599,00 €

Why you need to buy

Just as we mentioned earlier that Lenovo could not miss the latest addition to the family of Yoga, which is a characteristic quality watch hinge. You will also be pleased with the 13.9-inch 4K UHD display with 5-millimetre frames.

Lenovo Yoga 920 can have the eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor that can scale up 8, 12, or 16 GB of RAM. In terms of storage, you have 256, 512 and 1TB SSDs to choose from. Enjoy the fingerprint reader and the JBL speakers to take care of the sound. As far as connectors are concerned, the notebook has two Thunderbolt USB-C ports and one USB-A port.

Why to not buy

Despite the high price, you will not get a stylus Lenovo Active Pen 2 that you have to purchase separately.


1 075,00 €

Why you need to buy

This titanium hybrid notebook offers an iconic design that everyone will admire. Also pleased with the passive cooling and new Kaby Lake processors from Intel – m3 7Y30, i5-7300U and i7-7660U.

The display is 12.3 “and a resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 pixels. Intel HD Graphics 615, 620, or Intel Iris Plus graphics are rendered by Graphics 640. The capacity of RAM is different concerning taste, t starts at 4, 8 – 16 GB.

Regarding storage, you have 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB of choice. Battery life promises 13.5 hours.

Why to not buy

Surface Pen does not come with Microsoft Surface Pro, and you have to buy it for about 99 euros.

Because Microsoft Surface Pro has a problem with availability, get ready for a price cut. We also add that there is not much news compared to the previous Surface Pro 4 model.

… and there you have it. You can select from any of the above hybrid notebooks. See also Top 10 smartphones launched in September 2017.

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