Best iPhone X Wooden Cases
Best iPhone X Wooden Cases

One of the most stylish ways to design your smartphone is to use different cases that match your dress and mood. For example, if you want to put on a flashy look, you should choose an extremely clear case or an incredibly thin case. However, if you want to choose a slightly different route, it is a good idea to explore the best wooden cases for the iPhone X.

These cases were made with real wood and a handy design with many features. They provide reliable protection for your iPhone X and are perfectly set. Want to check out more? Let’s get on with it!

Best iPhone X Wooden Cases


FIrst, on our list, is the YF-WOOD. YFWOOD has been carefully designed and the case looks really impressive. The slim format ensures that the case does not give much extra weight to your iPhone. Made of natural wood, it has the power to fight against impacts and other forces. It also features a TPU which makes it much more durable.

Thanks to the rubber interior, it is completely capable of insulating shock. The smooth surface provides a slip-resistant grip while precise cutouts provide easy access to all the functions and side features of your iPhone. Moreover, YFWOOD is available in five different versions that allow you to select your most preferred model.

2. Lontect

Lontect has a compact design that fits perfectly with the iPhone X. It is made with natural wood from rosewood/teakwood. With the TPU case, it is perfectly able to withstand impacts.

The rubber interior also keeps the scratches away. The Lontect case provides the best protection against scratches. With its raised edges, it gives a good protection to your iPhone’s screen. Thanks to the precise cuts with the response buttons, you can easily use your device. With the tactile handle, you can use your smartphone comfortably.


BELK is a simple wooden case. It is built with eco-friendly wood. The interior of the hard PC reinforces its construction. You can believe that it can endure drop easily.

The OLED screen provides additional protection for the front lip. The sharp cutting holes make it perfect for the device and allow easy access to all functions. BELK is available in four versions: wood, bamboo, cherry, teak and walnut.

USP: Hard PC interior
Price: $12.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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4. Woodcessories EcoCase

Woodcessories EcoCase is a high-quality wooden case built for your iPhone X. Despite having two construction layers, it does not look very cumbersome.

The keys provide a clear feedback and are easy to push. Enables precise cuts to allow unimpeded access to the camera, connector, and speakers. This vintage wooden box is also available in four colours.

USP: Vintage design
Price: $34.99 [$24.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
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5. PhantomSky

What we loved in this case of PhantomSky is the aesthetic model. The wood structure provides better hold; so that the sleeve fits comfortably into your palm.

For protection, it has no reliable protection for your smartphone. You can easily install and remove this bag and you can access all functions such as speakers, problem-free connection.

USP: Aesthetic pattern
Price: $29.98 [$12.98 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
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So which one did you like best? Make sure you leave a comment below.

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  1. WOW, aren’t these cool options Esker! Love them. I think my question would be on how well they hold up over time? But they certainly look super nice to start with. My favorite one would be the Longtech I think. And that’s the one that I’m checking out first. Nice post and thanks for the suggestions!

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