Best Keyboards for Mac to Buy in 2018

These are the best keyboards for Mac you can buy right now. You can always improve your Mac experience by getting a new keyboard with lots of advanced features. There are lots of keyboards on the internet that will give you more options and improve the way you type. These keyboards come with adjustable tilt and height that won’t give you pains after hours of typing. Although your present keyboard might have everything you need in a keyboard, but it can be better.

These best keyboards for Mac below will make you wonder why you haven’t changed your keyboard yet. When it comes to surfing the internet and chatting online, a good keyboard with lots of features will really make a difference. When you find a good keyboard, you’ll complete your tasks fast and that will definitely increase your productivity. The keyboards below has different style to suit your personality. Some are wired, while others are wireless, however, the wireless keyboards are usually more expensive. Without further ado, these are the best keyboards for Mac you can buy right now.

1. Apple Wired Keyboard

best keyboards for Mac

If you’re using Mac, then I assume you’re a huge Apple fan right? This Apple keyboard will be the best for you. This ultra-thin keyboard has a beautiful and stylish design, that’s quite attractive just like every other Apple product. The keyboard comes with lots of features to enhance your Mac experience, it also lets you access all the Mac features. You can easily eject a disc, increase and decrease the volume, adjust the screen brightness, take it back (rewind), fast-forward and lots more. This definitely one of the best keyboards for Mac you can buy in 2018, especially if you’re a Apple lover. It’s available on Amazon for just $116, you can click the link below to order.

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2. Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

best keyboards for Mac

Just like the Apple keyboard above, however, this keyboard is wireless and more sleek and light. It’s compatible with Mac Computers, iPad, Apple TV, and iPhone as well. Surprisingly, it’s even more affordable than the wired keyboard above. You can use this keyboard to type, control brightness, and volume on the devices above from a distance as well as have access to extra features. As stated above, you can connect it to your Apple TV for seamless typing, and volume controls. You just need to be within 33ft from the device to still be connected via Bluetooth. This wireless beauty is one of the best keyboards for Mac and you can get it for just $109.99 below.

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Buy Apple Wireless Keyboard Now From Amazon Click Here

3. Anker Ultra Compact Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

best keyboards for Mac

If you’re into compact keyboards then this is one of the best keyboards for Mac you can get. This beautiful and slim keyboard is very light and won’t weigh you down, even when it’s on your lap for hours. You can also hold it with one hand and type with the other, that’s how lightweight it is. One of the most comfortable keyboards you can get for Mac, especially if you don’t want a heavy and bulky keyboard. Another good thing about this keyboard, it automatically goes into power saving mode if you don’t use it after 30 minutes. It’s not only compatible with iOS devices, you can also use it with Android and Windows through Bluetooth. Finally, it’s very affordable than the first two listed above, you can order it below for just $21.99.

Buy Anker Ultra Compact Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Now From Amazon Click Here

4. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

best keyboards for Mac

The world is going wireless in 2018, and this keyboard is arguably one of the best keyboards for Mac. It’s also wireless which gives you more freedom, and unlike the Anker Ultra Compact, the battery on this Logitech keyboard can be charged. You’ll enjoy a whole new typing experience with this keyboard, it will help you type quieter, faster and smoother. The design is also different from the typical keyboard, just as how Logitech make its products. It comes with a 3-year hardware warranty, the battery can also be charged with sunlight if you don’t have access to electricity. Once fully charged, you can use it for up to three months without charging. No need to install any software for this to work, it works immediately right out of the box and you get to experience all its features. It’s available for just $55.83 right now through the link below.

Buy Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard Now From Amazon Click Here

5. Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard

best keyboards for Mac

Another Logitech keyboard here, even though the company is famous for its webcam series, Logitech keyboards are one of the best keyboards for Mac. If you’re really into design and want your keyboard to be more classy looking and sleek, the Easy-Switch K811 has a modern twist to it. Designed specifically for Mac, it works seamlessly and efficiently with any iOS-powered devices, even with iPad and iPhone. With its bright backlit keys, you get to type in the dark and see all the buttons clearly. The battery life is also amazing and you can use the USB cable to recharge. With its modern and attractive design, you would be the envy of your friends. The good thing is, it’s not even that expensive, you can get it for just $54.45 by clicking the link below.

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Buy Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard Now From Amazon Click Here

6. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

best keyboards for Mac

Talk about being ergonomic and jaw-dropping, this Microsoft keyboard with a cutting-edge design is definitely one of the best keyboards for Mac. It has an improved number pad, customizable hotkeys, intuitive Zoom Slider and lots more. It’s a wired keyboard and works with Mac and Windows, one of its highlights is the curved key bed, which is one of a kind and simply gorgeous to look at. With the curved design, all the major keys are now closer to your fingers, so you don’t have to stretch anymore. This encourages a more natural typing position with no major stress whatsoever. There’s an optional palm lift, to lift your palm while typing especially when you’re tired. This encourages a better arm and wrist alignment as well, making this keyboard good for your overall health. It’s available for just $37.75 through the link below.

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7. Das Keyboard Professional Models S

best keyboards for Mac

If you’re a writer or you do a lot of typing on your keyboard and looking for the best keyboards for Mac, look no further. This Das keyboard has everything you need, with its ultra-sensitive keyboards, you get to type much faster and easier. There are lots of Mac options here as well, like volume up and down, mute, brightness and lots more. It has 2 USB port that lets you connect to USB compatible devices or easily charge your iPhone with ease. With its gold-plated and mechanical keys, you’re sure to experience high-performance and comfortable typing. This keyboard uses best-in-class, Cherry MX to provide audio feedback while you type, giving you the best typing experience. This keyboard also comes with a sleep function that helps you reduce the environmental impact of your computer and save energy. It retails for just $119 through the link below.

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8. Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac

best keyboards for Mac

This professional keyboard has the best battery life on the list. If you’re always on the go and don’t have access to constant electricity or won’t have time to charge up, then this Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard is the one you’re looking for. It comes with a massive 1600mAh battery underneath, when fully charged, you can use it for up to 6 months without charging it. It easily connects to Windows, Android, iPad, PCs and any other Bluetooth enabled devices. With the Mac-friendly function keys, you can easily control the volume, brightness and lots more. This keyboard boasts of Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches, that doesn’t make annoying sounds when you type. This professional keyboard has traditional sculpted keytops, they are curved and fits your fingertips perfectly. This gives a certain comfort while typing and your fingers won’t slide away while typing. It’s available for just $179, you can click the link below to order.

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Buy Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard Now From Amazon Click Here

9. Macally 104 Key Full-Size USB Keyboard

best keyboards for Mac

Perfect for those on a budget, this cheap keyboard is more than perfect for its price. It has Mac OS X features, shortcut keys and LED indicator as well. The low-profile responsive keys deliver an amazing experience when typing. No software or drivers required, just plug and start using. It has one of the best keyboard angles that won’t strain your wrist, it works with Windows 7/8/10 and above as well. This Macally 104 keyboard also works with desktop or notebook computer with an available USB port. It gives the best Apple-like typing experience for the cheapest price. That’s not all,it comes with a 3 button USB wired mouse as well, the mouse has a scroll wheel, which rolls smoothly. You can get it for just $21.40 through the link below.

Buy Macally 104 Key Full-Size USB Keyboard Now From Amazon Click Here

10. JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

best keyboards for Mac

This keyboard has a luxury silver finishing, there’s a CAPS indicator, Power indicator and NUM indicator. It’s whisper quiet keys won’t make a single sound while you’re typing, giving you a seamless typing experience. The Mouse has a silent button and ergonomic design that will make you feel comfortable while operating it. No disturbing sounds to you or others, thanks to the silent clicking. No wires are required, it has a 2.4 GHz wireless technology that delivers a reliable connection with up to a 10mtrs range. A combination of wireless keyboard and mouse, no wires, no limitations. The keyboard goes into sleeping mode after 10 minutes without typing, this saves power for other time. It’s also affordable at $28.99 through the link below.

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These are the best keyboards for Mac right now. You can choose the one you want from features, design or if you’re into wireless keyboards. This list has it all, no matter your budget, you can always find one from this list that suits your lifestyle.

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