Best Offline Shooting Games List for Android amp IOS
Best Offline Shooting Games List for Android amp IOS

Best Offline Shooting Games for Android & IOS are the games which we enjoy the most without caring about the Internet data and Battery. Offline shooting games don’t require Internet access while running on the phone and they also consume less battery due to that. Also, the buffering problem will be far away when you play these games. Most shooting games that are available right now for Android & IOS requires Internet or they are online shooting games.

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite (Royal Battle Games) are great but not good for your phone health. Because these games consume battery at a high level and also heats the phone badly. So, you want to play those online shooting games which kill Android overtime? I guess you absolutely not want.

So, to enjoy thrilling shooting games without killing your phone’s health, you can switch to offline shooting games from online shooting games. These will less stress your phone and you will be able to enjoy the same thrill without worrying about your Internet Data. So, let’s start this article and let me show you top offline shooting games for Android & IOS.

Best Offline Shooting Games List for Android & IOS

Finally, you’ve decided to actually test some offline shooting games. Well, let me suggest you some awesome offline shooting games for both Android & IOS.

1. Nova Legacy

Best Offline Shooting Games

N.O.V.A Legacy is a sci-fi FPS shooting game in which you will be fighting in the space with different types of dangerous robots. In this game, you as a robot with no guns will be thrown on a spaceship to complete a mission called XENOS ASSAULT. After you wake up, you will find yourself in a room with no guns and bullets. And you have to figure out the way to go outside the home and find some weapons and bullets. Once, you get a handgun and few bullets, you will start seeing robots in the game. And those robots will be hungry to kill you at first place.

Later, you will be guided by the agent for completing the mission and all levels. No question that the game is full and actions. Also, you will be able to enjoy the space scene in the game. Most of its level is based on space where you will be completing missions in the spaceship. You can install this game from official app stores from the below button.

Android | IOS

2. Sniper Fury

Best Offline Sniper Shooting Game

Do you like snipping in a shooting game? If so, then this will be the best offline shooting game for you because you are only going to do snipping in this game. Sniper Fury is full of action and has beautiful HD quality graphics. And once you will see an amazing bullet shooting effect once you shoot the target. It is like the camera on the game will follow the bullet and shows the shot in slow-motion which looks very fantastic. In this game, you as a sniper will be shooting mostly from the top of the buildings like Roof, top floor window, etc.

It also offers a weapon upgrade system which is great for increasing the damage power of guns. The more evil you will shoot, the more coins you will get in the game which you can use to sharpen your armors. I highly recommend trying this shooting game on your Android & IOS, you will really enjoy it.

Android | IOS

3. Dead Trigger

Best Offline Shooting Games

It is one of the best offline Zombie shooting game available for both IOS & Android made by MADFINGER Games. Dead Trigger is a unity award-winning game that has over 60 million downloads on both the App Stores. Apart from its popularity, it has a very horror type of sound that will always be running in the background while you play. Also, the bullet effect and Zombie blood really look real. In the Dead Trigger game, you will be dropped by the helicopter in a Zombie’s area where they will keep coming to you. In every match, you will need to pass 3 rounds and when you pass all the rounds, you will be promoted to play next level with new horror area.

Overall, Dead Trigger is really an actionable and horror game. You will meet new powerful Zombies in this game and dangerous weapons that can destroy a squad of Zombie. You can follow the below download button to install Dead Trigger on your phone.

Android | IOS

4. Six Guns

Best Offline Shooting Games

Six Guns will let you experience the Wild West action where you can ride a horse, kill unnatural enemies, and more. It filled with full of adventure and action. And most importantly, you will be able to use wild guns which everyone likes. Six Guns is little horror too because you will need to kill some scary zombies in the game and it will become tough for you because of old era guns reload little late. This is a third-person shooting game made by Gameloft SE.

You can use below buttons to download Six Guns for your device. And it doesn’t require high specs to run in phones so you will be easily able to play without hassle.

Android | IOS

5. Into the Dead

Best Offline Shooting Games

Into the Dead actually has an interesting story in the game. Into the Dead throws you into the gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse where there are no second chances. You will get handed with a pistol and knife. You have to run as fast as you can to escape the zombies. It really has intense gameplay and contained pretty horror scene and sound. I really liked this Into the Dead and I highly recommend to must check out this game if you are looking for best offline shooting games for Android & IOS.

Overall, Into the Dead is really a fantastic Zombie game where you will need to run for your life and when you stop, you will die. This game requires very low specs and you can easily play in on most of the Android and IOS phones. Follow the below link to download.



6. Overkill 3

Best Offline Shooting Games

Overkill 3 is kind of battlefield game where you will need to corporate with your team to clear the enemy spots. This game uses AI for machine guns and robots which made killing them a hard task. The sound and visual is not super modern but it really delivers entertainment along with the action. Recently, it releases a new mod update for Multiplayer in which you and your team can fight with a chopper in the sky. Also, you will get full access to armor yourself in the game. Every player in the game will get a Nano-suit by default.

It also a third person shooter game with easy controlling. Moving and shooting in the game is very easy and you will be easily able to navigate in the game. To download it you can use the below buttons.

Android | IOS

7. Dead Trigger 2

Best Offline Shooting Games

Dead Trigger 2 is the second part of Dead Trigger offline shooting game. Now, things have totally changed in this second part and modern Zombie has arisen in the game with the power to adopt 2-3 bullets in their body. Also, there is much improvement in graphics has made and you will feel a real 3D Zombie game on your phone. Moreover, the list of exploding guns in Dead Trigger 2 has improved and you will a bunch of powerful guns which can help you in killing zombies fast.

If you really liked its 1st part then I also suggest trying it ones on your phone. And hopefully, you will find this interesting too. Download buttons for both the devices are below.

Android | IOS

Which is the Best Offline Shooting Games for Android & IOS?

In the process of writing this article, I have tried a few games from the list above and found that Dead Trigger 2 and N.O.V.A Legacy is better compared to other shooting games listed above. But it doesn’t mean that other listed games are not good. You can actually know which ones are best or worst through trying one-by-one. So, go install the games from the link and try by yourself because you may really like Six Gun, Into the Dead, Sniper Fury, Overkill 3, Dead Trigger, etc.

If you like offline Zombie Shooting games then you should definitely try Six Gun, Dead Trigger, Into the Dead, and Dead Trigger 2. These games for Android & IOS are best offline zombie shooting games.

For Sniper shooting game fans, there is no good option than Sniper fury. You will really enjoy this game because it has all the actions that a sniper game must have like Insane Graphics, Real Bullet firing effect, etc.

Hopefully, you really liked this article on Best Offline Shooting games for Android & IOS? If so, I want you to share this article with your friends, especially with those who want to experience insane graphics offline shooting game for mobile devices.

Also, comment below which one you liked the most from the above list and do suggest some offline shooting game if you know or played in Android or IOS. I’ll see you in the next one.

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