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playing games

Phones nowadays are not used for only phone calls like it was years ago. We now use our smartphones to do various task including gaming. Mobile gaming changed it’s course when it shifted from being done on dedicated gaming handhelds to smartphones. Android OS now allows us to turn our phone into a gaming center. Practically everyone uses a smartphone and the Android users can visit the Google Play Store to download games.

Right here, we’d be talking about the best 5 open world games for Android. Open world games come with much varieties that range from being survival games that put you against the environment to RPGs. These are heavy games that you’ll play for long hours as you complete quests, customize your various characters, and most of all explore the open world. If you’re really ready to take this trip with us, why don’t you read on.

Best Open World Games for Android

  1. Portal Knights

A cooperative 3D sandbox action RPG from 505 Games Srl, Portal Knights takes you on quests where you explore the open world environments and beat a variety of enemies to defeat along with boss battles. You can play the multiplayer mode with four friends who can assist you in the journey. You can create things like your own island with the game crafting element. You can also recruit NPCs you find in the game to inhabit and aid your home.


  1. Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden

Ample possibilities exist in the world of MMORPGs and probably we have gotten extremely used to the open world games based on them. Here we want you to have a feel of games you can enjoy on your own and Kingdom Quest: Crimson Ward fits into this category. If you’re a fan of Gothic, then this game will bring back those memories. Though it has a busy-like interface and it’s graphics takes a cue from the past but that does not mean it is an excellent RPG that will take you to the past classics genre.


  1. West Gunfighter

This is a new game and makes the list as one of the best free open world games for Android 2018. It already has over half a million downloads on Google Play Store. The thing behind it’s success is that it has a 3D open world gameplay where you play as a cowboy while doing many other things such as shooting, animal hunting, missions, and much more. Another good thing about the game is that it is lightweight, about 20MB in size. It has excellent graphics and controls are great.


  1. Gangstar Vegas

If you’ve played and enjoyed video games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row series, then you should try this free alternative on mobile  You can navigate using the pretty large map of Las Vegas where the protagonist is an up and coming MMA fighter that mingles with the mafia. As you feature in the biggest fighting match of the year, the crime Lord decides you let your opponent win. As you win the match, you also become the most wanted man in the city. It has a fantastic soundtrack and you should definitely download it.


  1. The Ark of Craft 2

You can also download The Ark of Craft 2 because it is one of the best open world game for Android. If you love to play survival Games, then this one is definitely for you. The gameplay has you surviving for as long as you can. All you fo here is to explore the open-world, find food, craft your house, hunt animals, find hidden treasure amongst many other things. It has over one million downloads on the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.5.


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