Best of Oppo Reno Smartphone Versions 2019

Best of Oppo Reno Smartphone Versions 2019

It is true that Oppo may not have been launched for a long time ago, but this company has been making sure that people who can’t afford an iPhone or a Samsung can be happy using a phone that gets so much close to the phones of the aforementioned companies, yet for lower price.

Candidly, Oppo has released its best mobile device this year. Remember how the internet was abuzz of smartphone companies that want ted to launch 5G phones in 2019? Oppo joined the ranks without delay and has made that promise good. So, as the rest of 2019 pants to an end, we expect nothing greater from the brand, only a few creativity spurts to check out new dimensions in smartphones, as we also think that Oppo may decide to release some new budget smartphones that offer something new for fans. That may happen toward the end of this year.

For now, here are the four best phones we have seen come out of the stable of Oppo in 2019.

Oppo Reno 5G

Not that this is the latest smartphone from the company but that this is the most talked about mobile device that has been released by Oppo. The reason is that this mobile device comes as a 5G Android smartphone. If you hold it in your hands and make use of it for some time, you will like the phone because it has slick notchless design, very powerful primary camera that is still a rare feature in modern smartphones, the design also is posh, while the battery is powerful enough. We could go on telling you about its goodness but it also has the minus in features such as lack of waterproof tech, lack of wireless charging and the fact that the 5G isn’t available in many countries for now. Why not learn more about this phone here? It is the number one smartphone from the company this year.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom

Oppo Reno Launched In India With 10x Zoom & Pricing Starts At Rs 39,990

A lot of praise has gone into features of the phone camera. People like to refer to its 48 MP main camera as the hybrid lens because it is so powerful you can even achieve a lot in the dark. So, poor lighting gives you more opportunity to shoot very distinct, but beautiful photos. Think of the full screen experience as a blessing. It is so good in such a way so as to solve design problems by turning them into simplistic, ingenious details. Find that in the flattened camera bump acts like an alluring focal point. Yet, the camera is not the only place that deserves attention. The hardware section is fortified with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. But for all of this, the weakness of the device seems like that of the aforementioned smartphone, except that this is a 4G Android. Click here for more.

Oppo Reno Z

This one too has been praised and almost got the glory of Pixel 3 and Samsung A70 if not for some cut-backs at the camera level, making it less predictable. The phone sells for over $400 but tries hard to imitate the first two in design. Well, at the performance, the mediate chipset falls from the high regard we would love to give to Reno smartphones. However, when you talk about beauty of the design, it really tries hard to do a good job among its peers. Find out more here.


Oppo has released six Reno phones this year and when I look at all of them, it seems the company tried to bring out the best out for fans through Reno versions. If you are spending anything from $400 to $700 on Oppo phones this year, one of these above will do.

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