Best Puzzle Games​ on Android

There are different categories of games​ on the Android Play Store. There are games involving Action, there are Car racing games, Adventures, Arcades, Sports, Board games and so on. Games involving solving puzzles or answering tactical and mind twisting questions are fun. They are addictive, engaging and improves the players reasoning approach.

It is in this light that we would be looking at the Best Puzzle Games on Android.

Best Puzzle Games​ on Android

1. Brain It On! Physics Puzzle

Best Puzzle Games​ on Android
Best Puzzle Games​ on Android – Brain It On!

Brain It On! is a very challenging puzzle that requires the player to pay full focus and solve physics and mathematical questions that looks rather simple, but they totally aren’t. Brain It On! tasks the player to think outside the box to solve challenges. And these are no ordinary challenges, they are super deceptive, but fun.

Brain It On! is free on Google Play Store and is played all across the globe by more than 10 million users going by Play Store’s download stats.

2. 2048

Best Puzzle Games​ on Android
Best Puzzle Games​ on Android – 2048

2048 is a classic and quite easy (but not simplistic) mathematical puzzle game. The game is basically​ a puzzle that involves addition of equal numbers by simply swiping the different tiles either up, down, to the left or right. The goal is to keep swiping and adding tile with the same numbers until the 2048 tiles is created.

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The interface of the puzzle is simple, easy to navigate and colourful. 2048 is available for free download on Playstore and has over 5 million downloads.

3. Flow Free

Best Puzzle Games​ on Android
Best Puzzle Games​ on Android – Flow Free

Flow Free is that puzzle game to play when you need to relax and during your quiet time. In Flow Free puzzle, all that is required of you is to connect matching colours with pipe to create a “Flow”. And for every level, you must successfully pair all colors to form a pipe or Flow that do not cross each other until the entire board is full to move on to the next level.

This sure sounds simple but as you progress, the board gets bigger and number of colours to match increases. Nevertheless, you should still try it out. Join the other 100 million users playing Flow Free worldwide. It’s fun.

4. Brick Classic 9999 in 1

The Brick Classic 9999 in 1 puzzle is as old as time but the fun and intrigues of the game never dies out. The flame of fun of this puzzle keeps burning. This game throws you down your childhood memory lane and sure helps you think, relax and improve your decision​ making and time management.

With over 1 million Play Store downloads, the Brick Classic 9999 in 1 puzzle is one of the Best Puzzle Games​ on Android.

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5. IQ Test – How smart are you?

Best Puzzle Games​ on Android

The context of this game is already in its name. It even comes with a question – How smart are you? Well, the answer to that question is not to be verbally stated, but to be proved. Provide correct answers​ to some tricky and deceitfully crafted questions, then, and only then, can you prove how smart you are.

Mind you, the test questions could be quite easy at first but the more answers you give correctly, the trickier, addictive and more challenging it gets. The IQ Test puzzle App is available for free download on Play Store. Feel free to join the over 1 million people taking the puzzle questions and boost your thinking capacity.

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