Best Smartphones With Blazing Quick-Charge Technology

Waiting for your phone to charge is a thing of the past. Today, the battery must be designed to accept an ultra-fast charge and must be in good condition. Read on for our collection of 5 most popular smartphones with blazing quick-charging technology, and choose which one you really need.

The candidate list:

  • UMi Super
  • OPPO R9
  • Xiaomi 5
  • Samsung galaxy S7 edge
  • OnePlus 3



Charge time

First thing you will need into consideration is the charging time. According to official data, to get a full recharge, all these 5 devices take about 1 hour more or less. Because the charge time with some familiar technology, charging time lie on another factor: battery capacity.

Battery capacity and life

  • OPPO R9  2850mAh
  • Xiaomi 5  3000mAh
  • Samsung galaxy S7 edge 3000mAh
  • OnePlus 3 3000mAh
  • UMi Super 4000mAh



Reportedly, the handset can sustain the charge for different time. Most of them can take a full day for using. However,theoretically the more capacity the more maintain time. For now ,we think UMi Super is more practical.

Charge port

The type-C be the essential specification of high-end hanset.The latest UMi Super, OnePlus3 and Xiaomi5 is adapt on type-C,while the rest like Samsung take the ordinary charge port.


As for the Prices, for those with budget over $300, we will recommend OnePlus 3. But seem like sub $200 yet could get a good device as UMi Super that also come with good experience.

Other relevant pictures:





Samsung galaxy S7 edge


OnePlus 3


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