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Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

We have come to an era where graphics is taking over other forms of data/information presentation. And as you most likely know, graphics in this context refers to images and videos. And again, as you most likely know, 99 in a 100 of people will choose videos or images over text any day, anytime.

Producing images is quite easy. So easy that  the smallest of Android devices can properly create a well-edited image with on-board apps or downloaded ones. However, same isn’t the case for video making. Video creation or editing on mobile is way more sophisticated, heavy and a quite difficult task. Care to know why? Editing videos requires decent specs, reasonable share of RAM, and storage as well as the technical knowledge. However, there are devices out there that can handle such tasks.

It is in this light that we will be highlighting the Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019. Whether you want to edit a video clip you just shot with your phone camera, or you want to create videos out of images and other media, or perhaps the goal is to combine two different videos or cut a particular segment of a video clip, these applications are the best tools for the job on any smartphone running the Android OS.

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2017
Adobe Premiere Clip – Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

This app basically is the mobile version of the Adobe Premiere Pro software for PC. With more than 1 million Google Play Store download and the Editor’s choice stamp, this app is definitely a video Editor’s choice.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a powerful video editing application that has the capability to automatically creation and an amazing user interface. Asides that, it has tons of stock audio track you an choose from and an amazingly smooth audio mixing ability.

The sharing/exporting and syncing feature of the Adobe Premiere Clip app is feature of the app that should be mentioned. After successful video editing or creation, you can choose to export your work to your gallery, or you could share directly to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Interestingly, you can also sync your work to the PC Adobe Premiere Pro CC for additional editing.

2. VivaVideo

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2017
VivaVideo – Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

What does a 100million Google Play Store download and over 400million users tell you about an app. To me, it simply translates into being the real deal. One of the many reasons why VivaVideo app is most preferred is because the app serves multiple purposes – as a Video Editor app, a movie maker, photo video editor, slideshow maker, and a video player. VivaVideo has over 1000 video effects and over 200 video filters and text styles and is well suited for short social media clips.

Quite sadly, the free version of the VivaVideo app comes with a watermark that sticks to every video and also, there’s a time limit for video. However, these restrictions can be removed by purchasing the PRO version of the app.

3. Quik

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2017
Quik – Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

Using Quik Video editor app is one of the easiest ways to create and edit videos on the Android OS. The recent update of the app allows user to add up to 75 photos and video clips from their Gallery, Albums, Google Photos, and Dropbox (formerly 50 photos and video clips).

Exciting features of Quik app include; ability to trim video clips, make videos play faster or slower, add frame to photos, personalize text overlays and addition of emojis.

Quik, like VivaVideo, is also perfect for creating social media video clips due to its ability to convert video format from cinema or landscape size to square for easy sharing on Instagram and other video sharing networks. One particular advantage of Quik over VivaVideo is the liberty of users to set custom duration for their videos. The transitioning of pictures, videos and other elements in the Quik app is one of a kind. Super smooth.

4. Magisto Video Editor

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2017
Magisto – Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

Magisto video editor os one o the best video editor on the Android OS platform. Over 90million users can attest to that as well as the over 10 million people who downloaded the app on the Google Play Store. And yes, Magisto video editor was last year’s Editor’s choice on the Play Store, made Google’s list of Best Android Apps of 2015 and CES best app of the year!

Magisto automatically creates a video for users from their pictures and other clips in just 3 easy steps. It possesses numerous video effects, video collage and video end-products can be shared unto numerous social media networks.

5. VideoShow

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2017
VideoShow – Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

VideoShow video editor can be safely equaled to the popularity of VivaVideo. VideoShow is used all over the world by more than 140 million users and has more than 2,000,000 five-star ratings on the Google Play Store.

Interesting features of the VideoShow editor include multiple pieces of music, zoom in and zoom out, doodle-styled fonts, video reverse/playback, gif maker, support for over 30 languages amongst others. With VideoShow, you can compress videos and also convert videos to mp3s.

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