Videos​ are very important multimedia files but having a tool to play them is even more important. Videos could be in the form of movies, music videos​, tutorials, television shows, comedy skits, short films or even adverts. Basically, videos are any recording of motion pictures ​or moving visual images. Maybe some other time, we would further stretch out the evolution and importance of videos. But for now, let’s talk about the best video player apps for Android.

Any Android smartphone user out there would understand the need of having a reliable and all-round video player on their smartphone. “All-round” in the sense that the video player should be able to open and play any/all formats of video files flawlessly.

Best Video Player Apps for Android

1. MoboPlayer

Best Video Player Apps for Android

MoboPlayer is one those ancient video​player available on the Android platform. This video player has more than a million downloads on Google Play Store and it supports streaming videos using HTTP and RTSP protocols.

MoboPlayer supports all video formats and also provide subtitle functionality.

2. Kodi

Best Video Player Apps for Android

One thing the over 10 million users that have downloaded Kodi on Google Play Store love about the video player is the interface. The user interface of this video player is beautiful and colourful.

Google Gboard begins to bring a new design to users

Majorly, the Kodi player is designed for Android users with big screens (Phablets and Tablet). Therefore, the experience may not be so great on your smartphone.

3. VLC Player

Best Video Player Apps for Android

Asides being one of the best video player for Android smartphones, VLC Player is also one of the most popular video player out​ there. To buttress it’s popularity and wide acceptance, VLC Player is one of th most downloaded video player on the Google Play Store. This can be attributed to the fact that it plays almost all available video formats; ISO files inclusive.

VLC player supports subtitle integration into movies and currently​ has over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.

4. Wondershare Player

Best Video Player Apps for Android

Wondershare Player is an online and offline media player. One of the best video player apps for Android with over 5 million downloads on Play Store. Wondershare has a beautiful and easy to navigate interface.

Also, with Wondershare, you can view and search videos from various platforms, such as YouTube, Vevo and Hulu. It supports all video formats and is available for free download on Google Play Store.

5. MX Player
Best Video Player Apps for Android
MX Player is, like VLC, a very popular video player among Android users. This video player has been around for a very long time and it has amazing features for the perfect video experience. Pinch-to-zoom, screen lock, subtitle, TV mode, online search for movie subtitles, software and hardware decoder etc. are features that makes MX Player a first choice video playing app among many Android users.

There is also a PRO version of the app which goes for about N1,000. This PRO version gives you access to more features of the app that are absent in the free version.

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