Top 5 Best VLC Skins for VLC Media Player to Change the Default Design
Top 5 Best VLC Skins for VLC Media Player to Change the Default Design

Some people don’t like the default VLC Media player skin including me because of the very basic and simple design. Most of us get bored due to the default design, and most users don’t even know that they can change the design and looks of the VLC Media player. Yes, you can customize the looks and design of VLC Media player by applying skins. Skins for VLC can be downloaded from Google; there are a lot of websites that are made specifically for VLC Media player skin. And from those websites, you can download and install the skins on your VLC Media player.

And that’s what I’m going to provide you here. After a short research, I have found Top 5 best VLC skins for Windows version of VLC media player. And those skins can be applied to any VLC Media player running in any Windows version. So, let’s start this article and let me explain everything so there will be no doubt left in your mind.

What is VLC Skin?

Skin for VLC is similar to installing a theme app in your Android phone. Skins can change the whole looks and feel of VLC Media Player like a theme app does in Android phone after getting activated. All the functionality remains the same and changes only made to designs. So, if you are kind of person who gets easily bored by watching the same design in VLC media player again and again, then you can use VLC skins to make changes in the design of the VLC media player you have in your PC.

And there are tons of VLC skins available for free to download, and you can download it from some websites which I have listed below.

Top 5 Best VLC Skins for All the VLC Media Player Windows PC Version

Here are the top 5 best VLC skins for VLC Media Player software:

1. Transformers Skins

Best VLC Skins

If you love the Transformers movie and its characters, then this Transformers Skins is best for your VLC Media Player. You can apply this skin to make VLC look similar to Transformers; you will able to see the Transformers robots in the VLC Media Player layers. Which will make you feel cool and differentiate you from the rest of the VLC Media Player users? You can also show off your friends and become cool in their perspective.

Transformers Skins is not officially, it is from third party website, but you can download and install it in your VLC Media player for free of cost. You can download this Transformers Skins from below.

Download Transformers Skins

2. DestroyVLC

Best VLC Skins

This skin for VLC Media Player has been rated the most because of its simplicity and color. DestroyVLC skin has the blue and black color combination in the skin which also shows the rounded edges that makes the video playing more beautiful. DestroyVLC is best for night watcher; who watch movies at night time because of the skin colors. The blue and black color combination makes the light dim which also don’t stress the eyes.

DestroyVLC is an official skin for VLC media player, and it is fully free to download. You can download and install it using the below link.

Download DestroyVLC Skin

3. Alienware Darkstar

Best VLC Skins

Alienware Darkstar is the most popular skin for VLC Media player. And it also has acquired the most rating from users because it is official and cool. Once theme activated in VLC media player, both video and audio players look cool from design and feel darkest. And it is also a Good skin for Night watcher; it has a black and dark red color combination which don’t hurt eyes even during night time. And I also prefer to use in your VLC media player because it is really a good skin from official VLC Media Player.

And the best part is it didn’t have any price tag; it’s free to download and install. Follow the link below to download the Alienware Skin for VLC Media Player.

Download Alienware Darkstar

4. Zune 1.0

Best VLC Skins

The simplest and pretty Zune skin makes VLC media player more beautiful. Zune skin for VLC Media player is developed by ReksVeks, and it is not an official skin. But its freely available to download on DeviantArt. The 1.0 version hasn’t so much feature, and it even disables some default VLC option which may cause some users to not use this. But disabling those default function enhances the performance of the VLC Media Player overall. And some users still prefer the Zune skin to use.

You can download and install the skin from below button. It doesn’t cost any penny to download and install.

Download Zune 1.0

5. MinimalX

Best VLC Skins

This skin for VLC Media player comes with Minimal design and cut off some default features of VLC Media Player. But it is the best VLC Skin for movie watchers. It provides an option to change the color of skin to pink with black, green with black and red with black. MinimalX is beyond simplicity because it has only accepted the features of VLC Media player that are helpful and people actively use it.

MinimalX is not an official VLC skin; it developed by Maverick07x and provided through DeviantArt. To download the MinimalX skin for your VLC Media Player, follow the below link.

Download MinimalX Skin

Which is the Best VLC Skin for VLC Media Player?

Alienware Darkstar and Transformers skin has a great look and feel as compared all the other VLC Skins. Both provide a dark color combination which makes the night watchers comfortable. And these are two best VLC skins because of this main reason; provides a great experience to Night watchers, have pretty cool looks and design. Alienware Darkstar is an official VLC skin, and on the other hand, Transformers Skin is an unofficial skin, but both have a high rating and own popularity. Alienware Darkstar is freely available to download from the official VLC Media player website. And to download the Transformers skin, you need to go to DeviantArt website where the unofficial developer has made and uploaded the skin.

So, these are two best VLC Skins which I prefer the most to those who are reading right now. And if you are really bored with the simple and basic design of VLC Media player, then I highly recommend trying these two skin on your VLC Media player.

Is VLC Skins suitable to all the Windows version (64bit and 32bit)?

Some people are stressing themselves thinking; will the skin for VLC Media player works in 32bit as it is not mentioned officially. Skins for VLC media player can be used in both 64bit, and 32bit and skins are not built specifically for a particular Windows version. Its universal and skin can be installed in any VLC Media player running any Windows Version.

So, don’t think too much about it and just pick anyone from the above top 5 Best VLC skins and try it in your VLC Media player. You can first try the two best VLC Skins as both are rated top in the market by users.


To most of the VLC Media player users, the default VLC skin is not so cool and well designed. Meanwhile, no one wants to have that design in the VLC Media player. And to change the native VLC Media player design, some unofficial developers and official developers have made the skins for VLC Media Player. And those who are really bored with the default design of VLC Media player can change the design and look through installing the skins.

The skins for VLC Media player are available on DeviantArt and official VLC Media Player website. And any users can download and install it for free in their VLC Media Player with a particular procedure.

The above top 5 skins I listed are best VLC skins, and they are top rated by the VLC Media Player user from all over the world. And so there is no question that the above skins list are not good. Because it has already selected in the best VLC Skins list by the people, who used it. And I think the best thing you can do is to try them all one by one to find the best VLC skin for VLC Media player.

Hopefully, you liked this best VLC skins list post? If so, I love to hear your thoughts on the comment section below. And I’ll see you in the next similar one.

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