Best Ways to Fix Bricked Android Devices & Tablets

Have you been trying to boot your Tecno Android smartphone, but always get stucked where the device display only the Smartphone logo or show blank without going any further? Your Android is BRICKED. Then this post is for you.

The rate at which most Android device get bricked nowadays is quite alarming. Fortunately for you, you are at the right place. There is a simple permanent solutions to this error. The method I am going to analyze below has been well tested and confirmed working extremely well on devices like the Infinix Hots, Tecno M3, Tecno M5, Tecno S3, Tecno M3, Tecno H6, Tecno H5, Tecno H7, Tecno L3, Tecno L6 and other non-tested Tecno smartphones and others – Gionnee, Infinix, LG, Samsung and so on.

I will quickly share the best easiest method to fix back your device no matter how bricked it is. :)

Best Way to Fix Bricked Android Devices & Tablets
Best Way to Fix Bricked Android Devices & Tablets

Method A to Fix Bricked Android Devices & Tablets

Factory Reset / Cache wipe

  • Switch off the phone.
  • Press the volume increase button and don’t release.
  • Press the power button and keep holding down both buttons.
  • Don’t release till you enter recovery mode which will either show clockwork mod or an Android lying on its back.
  • If you see a robot lying on its back then you’re in stock recovery. Press the volume buttons or power button to go past the robot lying on its back.
  • In stock recovery, you use the volume decrease button to navigate and volume increase button to select.
  • In Clockwork mod recovery, you use both volume buttons to navigate and power button to select.
  • First wipe cache partition then reboot the phone.
  • If that doesn’t work, reboot into recovery and select Wipe data / factory reset then reboot.
  • If factory reset doesn’t work then format the memory card, slot it back in, do a factory reset and reboot.
  • If none of the above helps then proceed with this guide.
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Method “B” to Fix Bricked Android Devices & Tablets

Clockwork mod Backup & Restore Method

  • Get a phone of the same model that is not bricked
  • Boot the good phone into recovery mode (hold down the Volume Up + Power Button while the phone is not on)
  • Go to Backup and restore
  • Select Backup then yes to confirm
  • After Backup is complete, reboot the good phone
  • Copy the entire clockwork mod folder from the memory card of the good phone to the memory card of the bricked phone (don’t place it inside any folder)
  • Boot the bricked phone into recovery mode
  • Go to backup and restore
  • Select Restore
  • Select the backup you just copied and click yes to confirm
  • Your Tecno phone should come back to life.

NOTE: If you don’t have access to another Android device, you can download the Tecno ROM free HERE

Method C to Fix Bricked Android Devices & Tablets

Manual Driver and Clockwork mod installation – Backup and restore

This method assumes you neither have access to a working phone of the same model nor have clockwork mod installed on the bricked phone but have downloaded / have access to the clockwork mod backup of the same model.

  • Download PdaNet
  • Download MTK Droid tools
  • Get the img for your phone type from someone who has the same phone as your bricked one (via MTK tools backup) or download boot.img for your Tecno phone.
  • Switch on the bricked phone then connect it to your PC (don’t mind even if it still get stucked at the Tecno logo)
  • With the phone still connected, install PdaNet on your PC
  • Still with the phone connected, extract and launch MTK Droid tools (green logo).
  • MTK Droid tools should display your phone’s details and the box at the bottom should be yellow.
  • If it doesn’t, ensure the drivers were correctly installed then boot the phone into factory mode (volume decrease + power button).
  • MTK should now detect and display the phone’s details.
  • Click ROOT at the bottom, select Yes / Grant to any prompt on phone or PC and wait till the box turns green.
  • When the box turns green, click on the root, backup, recovery tab.
  • Click to choose boot.img file.
  • Click Recovery and Boot then navigate to the img from 3 and select it.
  • Click yes to every prompt.
  • When asked, click yes to boot into recovery mode.
  • You should now have Clockwork mod recovery installed on the bricked Tecno phone from which you can do a restore, wipe cache partiton, wipe davlink cache, reset to factory state or flash a new stock or custom ROM.
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NOTE: If you don’t have access to another Android device, you can download the Tecno ROM free HERE

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