For reasons of space and design, Google has included the notch on the Pixel 3 XL. If for someone who is already familiar with this solution it is not a big problem, for others it can be quite annoying. Fortunately, the developers have devised a method to hide the notch: in this short article, we’ll explain how to do it by going through the developer options.

How to get rid of the notch on a Google Pixel 3 XL

For most users, eliminating the notch on your Pixel 3 XL greatly increases its aesthetics and ease of use. Precisely for this reason, after the recent purchase of this model of smartphone, many have spilled on the network to find a solution. To do this, first you need to access the developer mode like this:

  • go to Settings
  • scroll to the bottom and then choose System
  • then touch Information on the phone
  • scroll down to the bottom and then tap the Build Number field 7 times, until a dialog box appears that tells you that you have entered the developer mode.

At this point you can proceed with the second phase:

  • return to the Settings page and type the word notch in the search bar
  • a result should look like it should be something like Display Crop
  • tapping on it you will have access to the developer options menu and it will, therefore, be possible to easily disable the notch through the appropriate check.

Of course, to rearrange the notch, it is sufficient to repeat the second phase of the procedure and reactivate it.

It must be said that this operation must be done with some caution, there is no guarantee that everything works perfectly after disabling the notch. The purpose of these notch management development options is to make it easier for developers to test their apps with a variety of screen formats: users should not actually have access to that option. In other words, once the notch is hidden, some graphic and resolution problems may occur (even if no cases have been reported for that moment). 


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