Chromecast vs FireTVStick
Chromecast vs FireTVStick

Google Chromecast and Fire TV Stick compete directly for the same type of audience, but which one is better? Which one best suits your needs? Let’s compare the benefits and the price of both to help you decide.

Google and Amazon are in direct competition in many sectors, starting with cloud and web servers, continuing through online advertising and, finally, in the field of video streaming, or rather with streaming devices.

Surely if you don’t have a Smart TV, you’re wondering between Chromecast and Fire TV Stick, which one should I buy? In this article, we will try to answer this question, even if it is not easy.

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Depending on how you use it, you will be more interested in one or the other device, so below we will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both. This way you will have all the information you need to choose the one that’s right for you.

In this comparison between Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast, let’s start with the price which is € 29.99 and € 39.99 respectively. First point for

Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV Stick: advantages and disadvantages

The Amazon video streaming device is, to begin with, cheaper than Google. This gives a competitive advantage to those looking above all at the price, even if, after all, the difference is only € 10, small thing or not?

Among its advantages is the presence of some applications that are not present on Chromecast. Furthermore, the selling price includes a remote control with which to control its “very improved” interface. Since the company has made little effort in this direction, so it is still much less intuitive than it is for example Netflix.

The playback quality is Full HD 1080p, so

in this case, it is not possible to say that the Fire TV Stick is better than Chromecast.

Chromecast: is it worth paying more?

Unlike the Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast was released a long time ago. It is already in its third generation, even if the jump compared to the second was not then who knows what.

Full HD resolution is still there, as well as compatibility with the largest catalog of applications in the industry. It is true that the Amazon device has Plex and Movistar, but Google has all the essentials of Amazon Prime Video, by the way, and something else: VLC.

With VLC Media Player for iOS and Android, you can send any video from your device to the TV, and this is an advantage that shifts the balance between Chromecast and Fire TV Stick in favor of the former.

In addition, another key detail: it has no remote control, however, it is not even necessary. It is very convenient to check directly from the phone, without having to get up from the sofa and without having to add another remote control, since in our homes, we are already full.

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