Beware of the Galaxy S10 scam at 2 euros on Facebook

Short news to signal to all readers of that in these hours a new scam is circulating on Facebook that promises Galaxy S10 for only 2 euros or few dollars. 

It seems useless to say it, but obviously, nobody gives you anything, least of all a phone that costs between 700 and 1000 euros.

If by chance you come across the Facebook message that offers Galaxy S10 for only 2 euros, then, the only thing you can do is ignore it and report it to prevent someone from falling into the trap.

If you want more information and details on this new scam involving Facebook and Galaxy S10, continue reading the article.

Galaxy S10 scam at 2 euros on Facebook: how does it work?

The operation of this scam is very simple but apparently, it works all too well.

A user turns to Facebook while flowing the newsfeed news will come in the classic post-sponsored and is sent to an article bearing the logo of "Samsung" with fake url/link (unlawfully used) which are explained in detail the procedures to implement and follow to receive the Samsung Galaxy S10 for € 2.


A fake form appears several times in the fake article and it is necessary to enter your personal data necessary to receive the smartphone.

Several times it is specified that, in addition to the 2 euros, there will be no other hidden costs to receive the Galaxy S10 for 2 euros, but in reality, we all know very well that this is not the case.

After entering personal and credit card details, various types of subscriptions will be activated in cascade which will go up a lot of money from your credit card. And when you notice the money lost it will be too late.

What to do to protect yourself?

Wait for Facebook to block all ads related to this fraudulent post? Nah, the only advice I can give you is to always keep your eyes wide open when surfing on Facebook, but not only.

If you come across listings like this, the cases can be 2:

  • it is a real competition, therefore with a regulation, various information and contact details, a registration with the Ministry and all the rest: in this case, after reading the rules and conditions, you can participate in the competition and try to win your prize
  • it is scam or similar: without regulation, without information, without clear information, without direct contact with the person who created it (as in this case). In this case, you stay away from everything related to this initiative, because you will not be able to take any benefit or advantage, you will only have hidden costs and cheats.

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