Bingo M2 Smart Band with 0.42-inch OLED display, Step counter & Water/Dust resistance launched: Specs & Price


In the last decade, medical science has significantly taken advantage of technology to improve diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. A typical example of this is the emergence of smart bands which are capable of monitoring a human being's heart rate. The newly-launched Bingo M2 Smart Band is one of those, and it displays the results on an OLED display.

The Bingo M2 Smart Band which is produced by Bingo Technologies is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. The connection to these devices is made over Bluetooth 4.0.

Features of the Bingo M2 Smart Band

Bingo M2

The Bingo M2 smart band combines a heart rate scanner and an OLED display, something that's not common to a lot of similar devices out there. The Bingo M2 comes with a pedometer, calorimeter, and an acceleration sensor.

It is designed to inform you when to check certain vital signs, when to sleep and when to change position after a one-hour period. It can be paired with a smartphone through its Bluetooth connectivity feature. Users can make and receive calls on the paired smartphone.

The Bingo M2 smart band technology can combine existing physical fitness routines with a way of life; it also helps in keeping tabs on important routine medical treatment.

Bingo M2 Smart Band Specifications and Price

Bingo M2 Smart Band

The Bingo smart band comes with an OLED display and features a 70 mAh Battery. When the battery is fully charged, it can offer a standby time of 300 hours. It weighs 6.9 grammes.

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The Bingo M2 smart band offers protection from any ultraviolet radiation. It is also resistant to abrasion, sweat, sebum and it has an IP67 certification, meaning that it'ss resistant to dust and up to 30 metres of water. The Bingo M2 smart band can also track your sports activities.

Other features of the smart band are an alarm reminder facility and a low-pressure acceleration sensor. The Bingo M2 smart band is priced at Rs. 999 and can be purchased on and Flipkart in India.

Key features of the Bingo M2 Smart Band

  • 0.42-inch OLED screen to display time.
  • Pedometer to count the number of steps taken.
  • Calories meter to track calories lost during a physical activity
  • Heart Rate Sensor to check heart rate
  • Sleep Monitor checks the quality of sleep using app
  • Sedentary Reminder reminds you when you don’t move from one hour
  • Calling Function lets you make and disconnect calls when connected to a phone.
  • SMS Notifications (only for Android smartphones).
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67, up to 30m).
  • Alarm Reminder.
  • Low-power acceleration sensor.
  • 70 mAh battery provides a standby time of up to 300 hours.
  • Weighs just 6.9 grammes.

Did I forget that the Bingo M2 Smart Band looks identical to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2? Considering that the Mi Band 2 is currently available locally only in China, the Bingo M2 might be a perfect alternative in India, more so as most of its specs are similar to those of the Mi Band 2.

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