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Nobody will have noticed that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are currently in the spotlight. Although fewer people will know that a feature film was released in 2016 about this payment method, namely Bitcoin Heist. We have watched it and will give our opinion below.

Bitcoin Heist Review

Bitcoin has been around for almost 10 years but has been a real hype for a few years. Everyone talks about it and we have even created a special category for it on our blog. In it, we, explain everything you need to know. You would think that Hollywood also picked up the hype, but that is not so bad.

There are of course some documentaries about Bitcoin that appeared, but many feature films are not there yet. Although Silk Road was released last year, a Dutch film based on the life of drug dealer Maikel S. In 2016, a film was released with the title Bitcoin Heist. This project was shot in Vietnam and gained little international recognition. We wondered: what is wrong?

The film revolves around the young agent Dada, who is chasing a notorious hacker. This hacker has illegally earned a mountain Bitcoins. If Dada tries to arrest two of his ”business partners”, this ends in a massacre, forcing them to withdraw from the case. She did manage to capture one of the two subjects. Together with him and a couple of old friends, she decides to go after the crypto criminals herself.

Bitcoin Heist can be seen as the Vietnamese version of Oceans 11, but with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Heist can be seen as the Vietnamese version of Oceans 11, but with Bitcoins. The film almost immediately starts with spectacular action, which is, of course, a nice introduction. It, therefore, seems as if the climax has already been there. This is followed by some long-winded fuss, after which the story finally gets going again. You do not have to expect a lot of original, but it’s pretty entertaining here and there.

This review is written by CineMartijn.


The cast contains some familiar faces, although nobody outside Vietnam will know their names. The acting they deliver is fine, apart from some crooked dialogues. The characters are also not memorable, with a small exception of magician Jack, whose tricks here and there add something to the story.

Although the film works with a well-known formula, it sometimes manages to surprise you. This is because the film starts quite unconventionally and there is room for some plot twists later on. These are generally a bit far-fetched, but give the film that little bit extra. There are also a few scenes that deal creatively with the Bitcoins, for example when they can be stolen by hackers. This because the same could not have happened with the physical money. Apart from these few scenes, however, the film could have gone as well on bills.

Bitcoin Heist is not going to teach you anything new but is also a great movie to have a nice look at your (Bitcoin) friends. If you prefer to see a more realistic cryptocurrency film, then choose Silk Roads. In the meantime, check out which crypto coins are most profitable at the moment, and sign up for our newsletter for the latest crypto news.

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