All eyes are on the hot Black Friday Sales which happens tomorrow November 23, 2018 in many areas of the world. What should we expect? Price cut in various categories of products. But we bring to you flash sales on the sales of powerhouse smartphones.

Get Up to 80 Percent Off

Take for example the promise that a buyer can get up to 50 percent off his or her purchase. It is one area where shoppers are looking at. Some quick shoppers were able to get as much as 80 percent of their purchase yesterday in flash sales that happened here.

If you are right on time, you can get up to 63 percent off a mid-range Xiaomi Mi phablet. What some are doing to benefit themselves mostly is that they have stayed focused on this page, checking back every hour so that they can stay abreast of latest price slash activities going on regarding top brand smartphone sales.

Type of Phone Brands on the Powerhouse

Yes, you may be wondering what type of smartphones are up for price slash on that page. They are Huawei, Cubot, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Asus, UMIDIGI, and Oukitel. You probably will have deals from other top brands like Samsung or Apple on Black Friday, which falls on November 23, 2018. However, for now, the ones mentioned above are the main deals.

Must-Have Cellphones

This deal tab begin on the page and highlights devices such as Cubot X18 Plus Phablet, Nokia X6 4G Phablet International Version, Cubot P20 4G Phablet, or even OnePlus 6 A6000 4G Phablets. A buyer can have up to 40 percent off the sale of a smartphone he or she purchased here. Other smartphone brands available here on must-have cellphone deals are the Ulefone and Xiaomi smartphones.

Some of the deals here are about to begin while others have already begun. It depends on when you checked last.

Cellphone Limited Deals

On this tab you also come to see some other smartphones. Don’t be surprised if a smartphone listed in Must-Have Cellphones above also occur here. It is due to the fact that some devices are going to be relisted either at the same price or at another rate.

This is good, for it means when a buyer misses out on a flash sale he can still get the same product when it is listed in another flash sale.

On Cellphone Limited Deals, you have the following: Xiaomi Mi 8 4G Phablet Global Version. It may re-occur in another sale because time is running out on it and buyers have up to 63 percent price cut off from it. Next is OnePlus 6 A6000 4G Phablet, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Global Version 4G Phablet, Xiaomi Mi A2 4G Phablet Global Version and some others.

Black Friday Deals – Get Add-Ons

Black Friday deals are mainly about price crash but it also includes other promos. The one we have in mind is the one that is also listed on the page and it is about getting and accessory free when you buy a mobile phone that is above $88 USD.

These accessories are UGREEN durable micro USB Type-C Switchable connector, UGREEN micro USB OTG Switchable data cable connector, UGREEN 2A Type-C fast charging data cable 100cm, and there quite many other accessories that you will see when you visit the page.

So, visit this page now and get the best deals in smartphones while offer lasts.

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