blackview p2 lite
blackview p2 lite

Just how large is the battery? you might ask? well, Blackview isn’t playing here and have unleashed a 6000mAh beast. We take a look at the Blackview P2 Lite.

The Blackview P2 Lite has been set to take on all challenges whatsoever in smartphone endurance. It comes with quick charge, so you don’t have to wait ages to charge.

Yes, this device has a predecessor, the Blackview P2 which came with modest flagship specs for an afforable price. The P2 Lite comes with a sleek metal body leaving neat antenna bands at the back and touch buttons have been used at the front below its 1080p 5.5 inch display which has the camera, speaker and sensor above it.

The device comes with 3GB of RAM with an Octa-core MediaTek processor and 32 GB of storage. For the cameras, we have an 8MP selfie camera and a 13MP main camera with a flash.

Security is good as it has a fingerprint sensor which is not excellent but can do the job.

Overall, this device should enable you go places without worrying of charging and even if you need to, long waiting is a thing of the past. The Blackview P2 LIte is a keeper and does the job considering its coming at an affordable price.

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