The event that Blizzard is organizing these days is leaving many news. One of them is that Warcraft 3 is going to remaster finally, something that many users were waiting for some time. The company has announced it officially, and in this version will be introduced changes and improvements, to give a better experience to users.

Warcraft 3 will be remastered finally

A new interface will be designed in the game, new characters will be introduced in the game, as well as modifications to the maps, which will be completely redone, as the company has already confirmed.

Blizzard will renew Warcraft 3

The launch of this game will be quick, as Blizzard has confirmed. Since in fact, they have revealed the prices that this game will have in its launch to the market. There will be two versions of Warcraft 3 available for users, with prices of 25 and 35 pounds, which will surely be somewhat more expensive in their price in euros.

This new edition of the game is going to be released under the name Warcraft 3: Reforged. In the video above we can already see a preview of what we can expect in the game, so many may see if the game really interests them.

We hope to know soon the launch date of the game, although taking into account that its prices are known and we already have details about it, it should not take too long. We will be attentive to its launch. What do you think about the launch of this new version of the game?


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