iPhone X 1
iPhone X 1

If you’ve been looking for an effective method to block anonymous phone calls on iPhone X for weeks, saying goodbye to those who continually trouble you, then you’re on the right site. Anonymous calls often come from call centers of some companies but also from people who have somehow got your number and call you on and on, even to annoy you and make you waste precious time. If long-term calls become insistent, an effective remedy can be to block the number.

How to block anonymous calls on iPhone X: the procedure

Know that to block anonymous phone calls on iPhone X or any other iPhone do not need a special app, but simply rely on the mode does not disturb by default on an iOS operating system. The function does not disturb, for those not familiar, allows you to block calls and notifications when it is active. But internally in its 

settings it also allows you to block strangers.

First of all, go to the settings

 of your iPhone and look for the word do not disturb. Once opened, there will be a sub-menu that will allow you to choose whether or not to activate it manually or to program it. Go to the wording allow calls from and select all contacts.

In this way, you can receive phone calls only and exclusively from contacts in your address book. Alternatively, if the unknown contact has called you, you can go to the call log, press the “i” next to the call and then select block contact. So you should avoid phone calls from unknown numbers.

An easy procedure for everyone, right? For any problem, we are here for you.

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