Xtouch, as Bluboo 2015 annual flagship, have considered much about its safety issue. They have include a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the most solid glass to provide best protection for Xtouch display. All metal CNC frame make sure small crash don’t break the scren. It also adopt suspended screen and a “U Type” design as buffer between frame and screen to reduce the risk of screen break furthest.

Here are several factors to influence the risk of screen break; the glass hardness, the angle of the fall and the hardness of ground.

But there is an important thing people always ignore is the the construction between screen glass and phone border.

For example, if the screen glass is directly contacting with phone border, the crash can transmit the shock from border to glass even if stress point is not on the screen glass to easily make glass break.

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Some phone manufacture has paid attention to this issue and have developed ways to solve it.

Phone brand Oneplus did a great job on Oneplus one. They adopt a “V Type” design (Suspension technology), which could let screen and border has a V type buffer.

When phone drop down, the buffer can reduce the impact that border bring to glass. That is better to protect the screen glass.

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Bluboo also noticed the issue and they developed another similar way to solve it. Bluboo adopt a “U Type” buffer between glass and phone border on their 2015 annual flagship Xtouch.

They claim the new design could provide higher safety for screen just like Oneplus “V Type” design.


To prove if these designs can effectively bring protection for its screen, we have provided a video about Xtouch drop test from 1.2m and 1.7m height.

Watch Video:

Bluboo Xtouch drop test. Gorilla Glass 3, CNC Metal Frame and “U Type” Suspended Screen, triple protection to provide best safety for phone screen.

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