best watchfaces for Wear Os
best watchfaces for Wear Os

If you are a user of Wear Os, you need to know the best watch faces for your smartwatch, among which you will find all possible styles so that regardless of your tastes you will find that sphere that suits you.

The watch represents us and therefore we must take care of your style, just like we do with the clothes we choose when dressing, Within Google Play we can find countless dedicated apps to customize our watch with Wear Os. We are going to make your task even easier, offering you the best watch faces you can find, to make your smartwatch something exclusive.

Best watch faces you can download from Google Play

Elegant metallic style

Watchfaces metallic style, a classic that always works and conveys an elegant look. The app allows us to customize it at our whim and get it our own. Includes date, protectors, different metal styles and digital version. We can also adapt it for a more sporty style, with step counter and battery status of both the smartphone and the watch.

Multi watch faces

If you do not want to opt for a unique style, we have the solution, this app allows you to find a multitude of watch faces where there are very different styles and that will make you never get bored for taking the same sphere for a long time,


Custom text

A different way to see the time, day of the week and full date on your watch with Wear Os, this dial allows you to read everything as it is a text. Choose the color of the typography and make your watch faces speak for themselves.


Modern style

A modern aesthetic for your smartwatch, with a clean and visually attractive style that will fit with many users.

Contemporary look

If your style is not usual, if you want to show something different from the rest and also want to make use of the ambient screen on your watch face, this is your sphere.


Customizable multi watch faces

Before we have shown you an app with several spheres for your watch, the difference with this is that personalization goes one step further. With this app you can include photos or images in your sphere, making it now, unmatched.

Minimalist style

A very fashionable, current style that fits almost any strap or watches style. Browse among the many options you will find in the app and choose among your favorites.

Download Looks Android Wear Watch Faces

Now you have a multitude of apps in your possession that will prevent you from getting bored of your watch with Android Wear and can change almost daily among the many watch faces we offer you.

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