If the use of fingerprints at present is one of the most effective and valid systems to guarantee the security of smartphones, in the future technology we will require even more reliable methods.

According to a new Phys.org report, a scientist named Wenyao Xu believes that the answer to this problem is to be found in brainwaves.

Xu has in fact created a headset that analyzes brainwaves and determines the unique patterns that a person creates while looking at the images. In a few seconds, the identity of the person is confirmed, which then “unlocks” the test.

To establish the original identity, the test subjects saw images of animals and celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio in rapid succession, a total of four times. After five months they were invited to retest the test, so as to see the effectiveness of the “password of the brain”. According to Xu, the tests proved to be 95% effective.

Obviously to make this system work you need a headset, which makes it quite complicated to do something as simple as unlocking the smartphone but the Xu tests show that brainwaves can be used as a confirmation of the biometric identity, at least theoretically.

To go to the practice it will be necessary to wait for some producers to be interested in this project.


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