It’s cute, fast and it blocks a lot of “junk” that is loaded onto Internet pages without the user often knowing. With the name Brave, this browser was created by Brendan Eich, considered the creator of the JavaScript programming language and one of the pioneers in the development of Firefox.

It’s called Brave, and it’s a browser that was created with the goal of blocking everything that is ads, as well as scripts that violate users’ privacy.

According to several tests, Brave is also a lot faster than the popular Google Chrome, both on Desktop and on mobile devices.

This is a modern browser based on Chromium. On the first page the user can know the number of blocked trackers, the number of blocked ads, the number of sites that were forced to be served on HTTPS (using HTTPS Everywhere functionality) and the extra time each user earns by using this browser (since with ad blocking, the pages open faster).

Get to know Brave on video

If you are looking for a modern, fast browser that helps you with privacy, then try Brave. For Youtubers, this browser also allows the monetization of the contents – to know more here.

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