Brawl Stars is the latest SuperCell game. This Finnish company develops the most popular mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

I admit that I am an avid Clash Royale player and when I knew that a new title would be released, I was curious. It was not long before Brawl Stars had a long-term stay on my smartphone.

However, this game has a different mechanic than you may be accustomed to. In fact, Brawl Stars presents you several types of game. You can either play as a team or you can play 6 players “all against all”.

Brawl Stars is on the way to becoming one of the most popular 2019 games

In that sense, I present you some tips to start the game in the best way. Certainly, they would have given me a lot of trouble when I started and made several beginner mistakes.

# 1 Do not switch brawlers all the time

At first, I made the mistake of always using the new brawler that it unlocked. Of course, it is interesting to go varying and not always use the same. However, you will quickly find other players with high levels.

If you spread your upgrades through all the brawlers you will end up with a varied but weak team. Get used to one or two and focus your resources on your champions. It only changes if you unlock a brawler that is worth it. Continuing in this direction…

# 2 Do not waste your resources

Similar to other SuperCell titles, Brawl Stars has two coin types: gold and gems. Gold is used to buy and upgrade your “brawler” cards. Gems are the “premium” currency used to buy upgrades directly from the store.

You can get gems by playing the game or by buying through micro-transactions. The same applies to gold. However, if you are like most and do not feel like spending real money you will have to manage your resources.

I usually do not recommend that you buy the loot boxes of the game right away. This is because you are earning cash as you progress through the game and win battles. You can eventually buy but only when you have a good amount of gems and that the reward in the box is great.

Regarding gold, at the beginning, you will unlock several brawlers but you will not have enough to improve everyone so once again choose one or two and stay true to those. By the way…

# 3 Epic or Mythical is not always worth it

Sometimes it’s better to stick with a basic brawler than to bet on a rare one. One of the two Mythical brawlers is Mortis. When I saw that I could unlock it at the store, I spent all the gems I had purchased.

When I found myself having a brawler with potential but low level and extremely difficult to win upgrades. The lesson here is that the rarer, more expensive it will be to make upgrades. Unless you’re ready to spend real money, I do not advise you pay close attention to this type of brawlers.

# 4 Get together with your friends and create a team

Brawl Stars has several game modes focused on teamwork. So if you have more people to play with you, it is recommended that you form a team in the game.

Playing with people you know increases your chances of winning because you already know what to expect. They can combine strategies and if they are all together, coordinate the game in the best way.

# 5 Above all, have fun!

Unless you want to become a professional gamer, take the game on the sportive. The frustrating nature of this mobile games is quite high and I myself have had moments of wanting to stick the smartphone on a wall.

However, it is an online PVP game. There will always be players with more talent or more credit cards than you. The idea is to play from time to time to pass the time and not focus your life around a mobile game.

In short, these tips have helped me make the most of this game. The Brawl Stars is, in fact, one of the most fun titles of recent times. You can download the game for Android and iOS completely free of charge.

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