How To Buy App From Google Play In Nigeria

For some days now I have been trying to buy an app from Google Play Store, Poweramp Full Version Unlocker to be precise, but I keep getting error saying “incorrect card info or try a different card” (although all details entered were accurate), I have used about three different cards and still getting the same error. It was later I got to know that these cards have been blocked by Nigerian banks making it not to work for making some online payments due to Dynamic Currency Conversion which Google was using to charge Nigerians for app purchases and subscriptions.

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However, I have finally succeeded in paying for the app; Poweramp Full Version Unlocker on Google Play Store. If you have been facing this same problem as me whenever you want to buy an app from Google Play Store, you have to worry no more as I have compiled a straightforward guide that you can follow to bypass the problem and buy on Play Store safely.

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I was forced to change my payment currency; instead of the normal Naira to something else, so I chose US dollar. To achieve this, I had to change my default address on Google Play Store to a US address. Apparently what this does is to make Google Play start billing you strictly in US Dollars instead of automatically converting your bill to Naira. And once your bank is billed directly in dollars, your order will go through.

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I was uncertain about changing my address until I saw this piece of info on Google’s support pages. Thus, I went ahead to change my default address on Google Play Store to a US address.

  • Click on Settings and then click on the pencil-like icon near Country to edit or change.

  • You will be asked to create a new payment profile, just click on the “Create new profile” link.

  • Hit “Continue” on the next dialogue box to continue with the change.

  • You will be prompted to choose a new country for the new payment profile; I chose the United States in my case.

  • After that, click the Continue button to start filling in your new address and postal code for the new country of your choice and save it once you’re done.

WARNING: Read Google’s policy on changing your home address before you proceed as this change can affect some features. Click here

  • On your Android device, go to Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Store then Clear Data and Clear Cache.

  • Go back to open the Google Play Store app, and you may be required to sign in.
  • After signing in with the same email used previously used with your Google Play Store Click on Payment Methods to the left of the screen and make sure your card is active and there is money inside. Then add your card as payment method.
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  • Go to Payment Method section in the Google Play Store app and add your Naira or Dollar Mastercard info. (Remember to use the Nigerian address with which you used in opening your bank account. Do not use US address when inputting your local card)
  • Go back to the app you want to buy, and it should go through now

Note: Don’t forget to remove your previous payment profile; Google requires you to have only one. If this is not successful as expected, check this page on how to clear Google Play store cache. This time, the price will be reflected in Naira, but at the time of making payment, it will change automatically to US dollars.

If it solves your problem, please leave a quick comment below. Thanks.

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  1. Thank you for a detail walk through. It worked for me.

    I would like to add, it did not work at first until I removed my previous payment profile. Google requires you to have only one.

    Thank you.

  2. It didn’t work for me too after trying the steps you gave. and my account has refuse to give me the address I used in opening my Account. Please help me out thanks.

  3. Hello! Did everything as directed by it didn’t work. After clearing data and cache I didn’t have to sign in and ma card did not register


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