Uwatch U8S 2
Uwatch U8S 2

Uwatch U8S 1

The Uwatch U8S otherwise known as Ciyoyo U8S, Uwatch U8S, Geekera Uwatch, Androset Universal, Luxesure, and a bunch of other names, is an Android powered low-end smartwatch with Bluetooth support. This wearable aims to compete with other offerings on the market with its amazing price and impressive personalization options.

Its Bluetooth 3.0 capability helps in linking it with any Android phone to receive notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, messages and information.

Uwatch U8S 2

The Uwatch U8S is just an Android phone on a small rubber strap. Its rubber material makes the watch feel very comfortable on the hand, and it is probably the best part about this watch. It comes with a brilliant LED display. It is an exceptional innovation in terms of design with a dimension of 25.400 x 4.000 x 1.200 cm and weighs 0.043kg respectively. The watch is being offered in two different colors of Black and White.

Uwatch U8S can monitor your sleep time and you can know your sleep date on your phone; Record steps, calories and distance, make you fully control your sports. It has 3 methods of locking its screen. The right side has a single button that acts as a screen-lock.


The Uwatch U8S is truly an innovation and is not just any other ordinary smart watch enabling you to keep a track of activities on your smartphone. In addition to the standard tasks, it also acts as your fitness guide. It’s really just a device that brings some information to your wrist, but only on certain OSes. If you have an Android, this watch is going to be much more useful. Not so much for iOS, unfortunately.

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