blocked number
blocked number

Are you afraid that one of your contacts may have blocked calls from your mobile number on your phone? You may not know it, but with simple tricks, you can get around this annoying block.

In this guide, in fact, at TecHLecToR, we will show you some tricks to use, both on Android and iPhone phones, which will allow you to call a number that has blocked you.

How do I call a number that blocked me?

Before continuing with the reading, it is necessary to understand first of all if actually your mobile number has been blocked. So how do we know if our number has been blocked? Easy! You can guess that your number was if you ran into one of the following situations:

  1. the phone you call rings only once and then it is busy or the answering machine goes off;
  2. the phone is permanently busy, at any time of day, even at night.

If you fall into one of these cases then it means, alas, that you have been blocked. At this point, you will have to accept that that person no longer wants to hear you or find an alternative solution to clear up the misunderstandings.

If you opt for the second hypothesis, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we will show you a simple and effective trick that will allow you to call a number that has blocked you. The procedure varies depending on whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone.

On Android:

  • Open the Phone app;
  • Press Settings> Additional services;
  • Click Outgoing number;
  • Select Hide number.

On the iPhone:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Now go to the Phone app;
  • Select “Show Caller ID”;
  • Disable the “show Caller ID” item.

If you can’t find the option to hide the phone number, don’t worry. You just need to place # 31 # on the number you want to contact. This solution is ideal if you wish to make anonymous calls sporadically.

With this trivial trick, the phone of the person who blocked you will no longer recognize your phone number and therefore will not be able to block the incoming call.

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