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  1. 1


    I heard about the price of this product yesterday on twitter. For 25,800 it’s a very good buy.

  2. 2


    I honestly just want this phone in white

  3. 3


    I heard it’s coming out this week. How true?

  4. 4


    The camera really is wow

  5. 5

    Silas Moses

    The phone is really a great piece of device if all said about the phone is true,wish I have one already anyway the price is affordabla I will sure grab my own…Good Work

  6. 6


    If I hear say I dull on this device…

  7. 7


    Please tecno why not bring out the one with 2gig cause the others always runs out of memory fast compare to products from other company

    1. 7.1

      Samuel Afolabi

      I dont think that is true about Tecno ram running out quickly… I think it depends on the type of app that runs in background… i have the Tecno L6 and the RAM is damn okay for me even with high resolution games not to talk much of the Tecno C8 with awesome 64 bit processor…

  8. 8


    Has any1 here used this fone and is certain of the picture quality after preview???? cos there re quite a number of products out there with the same hype on picture quality as this and pple get disappointed after making purchases.

  9. 9

    Attahiru Zubairu

    Tecno c8 camera is the same as other 13 mp cameras found on the infinix zero, injoo one, Lenovo k3 note and others. Nothing different.

    1. 9.2


      I had the innjoo one and recently used the camon c8 for a week and I can confirm to you that the picture quality of the tecno c8 is ahead of that on the innjoo one. the camera has brighter pictures. I dont like tecno phones at all but hats off to tecno for the nice budget camera

  10. 10


    TECNO should shift from meditek to snapdragon………Tenco c8 is smart compared to galaxy s4…..

  11. 11


    i wanna buy the 2015 best phablet in terms of camera and display…. So, am planning to buy a phone on 15 december. Pls, refer me to other phablets if there is any compared to Camon C8. (I mean frm chinko companies o caz i dont need waste money on sammy, sonny and iphones while tecno and co can deliver considerably well!!) any one with finger printing ability will wow me wella. I have TECNO L6 as well and its a no regret to me but i wanna give it to my wife, so i need a better one for replacement.

    I enjoy your works bro, keep it up. I av been ur fan for some time now!!

  12. 12


    Hi I have same problem with my c8 camera especially my front camera whenever I open it,,It stacks and sometimes tells me garelly isn’t responding and some other kinds of words
    I have tried to do so much even I have restarted my phone
    Can you emagine all my datas,my pictures, videos,audios I have all deleted because of the camera please and please tecno company you are discouraging me on using your items help me as soon as possible


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