We all make mistakes, however, on the internet, mistakes are forever.

You can be humiliated for it since it is possible for a bad typo to go viral and attract the wrong attention. So, it is no shocker for users to check, recheck, and see old posts on social media platforms.

The scrutiny you get from other users will most likely be harsh on Twitter, since several celebrities, politicians, and normal people attest to. Therefore is it possible to edit tweets after posting? Or do you just need to be sure about what you post? Below are some tips that can assist you to stay away from being infamous on the platform.

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How Can I Repost A Tweet?

One option to repair a typo or an embarrassing tweet is by just reposting it. Since there is no edit button right now, reposting a tweet is the only way to right the wrongs without making use of 3rd-party extensions.

You can just type the entire tweet all over again. But copying the text and then pasting it in a fresh tweet with some corrections.

  1. Choose all the text with your cursor.
  2. Press Ctrl + C or right–tap and choose Copy.
  3. Have the text pasted into a fresh tweet box.
  4. Share it with those following you and the entire world.

If you are fed up and you are just not that great at SPAG, simply copy and paste the text into a Word document. Make use of the Autocorrect feature and rectify any error before copying the text again and using it in a tweet.

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How Can I Delete A Tweet?

Sharing a fresh and improved tweet is not just enough. You might want to get rid of the proof of your blunder.

  1. Head to your Profile page.
  2. Locate the Tweet.
  3. Tap on the down arrow icon.
  4. Tap or click “Delete Tweet.”
  5. When you are done copying.

After copying text from the problem tweet, make use of “delete” to remove it.

Do not forget that immediately a tweet is shared, no one knows how many screenshots will be made of it. Having said that, immediately a tweet is deleted, it will no longer appear from your feed but everyone else’s too. This is the case for all platforms, including retweets and search results.

How Can I Use Covfefe?

Donald Trump’s “Covfefe” tweet is where this originated from. Even if POTUS attempted to save face by referring to it as an inside joke, he could not stop it from becoming a meme. The tweet attracted media and news coverage for a while after the incident. and it will surely be referred to in years to come.

However, could it have been a blessing in disguise?

Corey Gwin, a California-based developer, decided to provide Twitter users with a way to edit their tweets since Twitter was obviously not trying to create one. And what better name for Corey to call it than Covfefe?

Covfefe is a Chrome extension. Immediately it is installed, you will see that your tweets will now have an edit button at the top, close to the number showing how old the tweet is.

  1. Get the extension installed from
  2. Head to your Profile page.
  3. Locate a tweet.
  4.  Tap “Edit.”
  5. Make your changes.
  6. Tap Enter.

Covfefe delays tweets by fifteen seconds, giving you enough time to undo or edit a tweet before posting it.

This is vital because posted tweets that you edit with Covfefe will lose their RTs.

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