How Can I Mute The Sound On My iPhone?


We all know for a fact that smartphones are absolutely essential right now.

If you need to access your email, do some work, listen to some music, your smartphone can get things done for you.

Are you an iPhone owner? It is possible that you've used it to stream a film or series on Netflix, to jam some music on Spotify or Apple Music, or to even view a few YouTube clips. The phone's built-in speakers simplify things for you, especially if your headphones are not closeby, and the sound quality is good to boot.

However, there are a few moments when having sound on can be uncomfortable or even unnecessary, like when you are in the middle of a meeting or you are reading in the library.

Fortunately, muting your iOS device is fast and simple and it will make sure you do not have any embarrassing or inconvenient experiences when you least expect.

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How Can I Mute My iPhone By Enabling Silent Mode?

On the left side of your iOS device, find the switch above the volume buttons.

Ensure this switch is pushed till the orange indicator is visible. This will put your iOS device in silent mode, which means SMSes and voice calls will not ring out.

Be aware that activating silent mode as you view a clip or listen to songs will instantly mute the music playing. However, activating this before you start playing music or clips will not mute the sound.

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How Can I Mute My iPhone By Reducing The Volume All The Way Down?

On the left side of your device, find the up and down volume buttons - right under the switch for silent mode - and keep pressing the down button till the message on your display confirms that your device is muted.

This method can be combined with the silent mode method to make sure sounds from clips and music applications do not play out loud.

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