Canon EOS R
Canon EOS R

We can say that Canon is far from being the best in offering 4K cameras. That’s why I seriously question the information given by the brand executive to the imaging-resource site.

According to the information Canon is preparing a mirrorless full-frame camera with the possibility of recording in 8K. This camera will fit right into your new EOS R range.

The EOS R is one of the few Canon cameras that already record in 4K, but its crop is so large that it leads us to wonder how much we expect a full-frame mirrorless 8K camera.

Canon is preparing several models of its new EOS R range

According to the information, Canon is preparing multiple models for the R-range. However, a camera with professional features is not expected to hit the market anytime soon.

The Japanese company executive said that the next step will be a full-frame mirrorless camera for the “normal consumer.” That is, it is very likely that we will have a camera thinking about the cost-benefit instead of looking at the specifications.

The words of the Canon executive are promising

We are developing several EOS R cameras at this time, but due to several levels of preferred features, we are likely to launch an amateur model. This will enable more customers to enhance and enjoy the image quality of a full-frame camera.”

However, it also rested all those who expect more from Canon indicating that “Make no mistake that a professional model is coming. However, it should not be the next model we present.”

In short, as a lover of the Canon cameras, I have to admit that I feel a little sad about their lack of evolution. Incidentally, I was forced to buy the Panasonic GH5. This is because Canon still does not offer a (minimally) “compact” camera with more than 60fps.

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