Mirror Hi Fi and Hi Fi Assist 1
Mirror Hi Fi and Hi Fi Assist 1

Imagine Mirror Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Assist that can do several things at a time. You look in the mirror to make yourself look good, it serves as lamp, and at the same time it is a speaker! That is what Simplehuman has done in the name of technology.

But you may ask: Is a three-in-one mirror a good idea?

This mirror is your light source and music speaker as well. Well, some think it is a great idea. For one, it saves space. It is another innovation from Simplehuman has done good in the past by manufacturing smart mirrors and voice-activated garbage cans. Now, the company has made two new mirrors that can light up and play music. Think of the sensor mirror Hi-Fi and the sensor mirror Hi-Fi assist.

These will be brought to, or announced at CES 2019.

Imagine a mirror that’s also your light source and music speaker. Huge space-saver or simply unnecessary? Simplehuman, the company that brought us smart mirrors and voice-activated garbage cans, has made two new mirrors that can light up and play music — the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist — which were just announced at CES 2019.

Both of these mirrors can stream music from any service via connected devices and making use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Hi-Fi assist also supports Google Assistant, giving the user the additional opportunity to do voice commands to order adjusting music sound or asking about weather, without the need of buying Google Home device. The speakers on the mirrors deliver high-fidelity sound on 2.5-inch acoustic drivers that the company confirmed can fill up a big room.

According to reliable sources, Simplehuman made the mirrors with a proprietary light system that stimulates natural sunlight. In addition, the products possess night shift mode that gradually transitions into a dim light meant for sleeping. Then there is the candlelight mode, and a night light mode.

Previous mirrors from the company supported Alexa, now it’s Google’s time. At this moment, it looks like Google Assistant is an additional bonus that was not intended for the product.

The two mirrors, Mirror Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Assist are expected to debut some time later before the first quarter of 2019 runs out. They could sell for retail price of $350 and $400 on the manufacturer’s site or at other retail online outlets.

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