Change Phone IMEI
Change Phone IMEI

This is going to be a short tutorial revealing best and simple method to change Android phones IMEI. For the sake of simplicity for those who are new to this, we are going to use an application called Chamelephon. All you have to do is to simply follow the steps carefully. No need of CDS information or engineering mode at all.

How to Change Your Android Phone IMEI

  • Download apk here
  • Install and open the Chamelephon app.
  • Grant it Superuser access permission
  • The first slot is for SIM 1 IMEI, if you are using a dual SIM phone. And the second slot for SIM 2 IMEI.

  • Input the IMEI numbers you wish to change to in any of the slots. Simply leave any of the slots you did not wish to change as the way you met it.
  • Then click Apply New IMEIs.
  • A box will pop-up asking “Do you confirm changing the IMEIs?” Click on Change
  • Close everything and restart your phone or put it in Air Plane Mode for 5 seconds before you back it to normal mode, then dial *#06# to view your new IMEIs.

Note that Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and TechLector will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer. Also, backup your original IMEI in case anything goes wrong, then revert using the above procedures for changing.

Good Luck and do not forget to drop your testimony, when succeeded in changing your Smartphone IMEI. You can as well drop your comment for any help.

Download Latest Chemelephon Apk Below:

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