As we mentioned in this article, one of the advantages of having the root on an Android device was to acquire full control over the hardware and software of our team. Suspend system services to get a better battery life, delete unnecessary applications to increase available storage or view the Wifi passwords stored on the computer are some of the possibilities of the Superuser in Android. This time we will show you how to change the resolution of the screen in Android easily and simply.

Some of the advantages of this include obtaining a better autonomy in our device, viewing content on YouTube or Netflix at higher resolutions or having a better performance in the system.

Change the resolution and DPI of the screen in a simple way

For a while now, changing the resolution of the screen in Android was a less complicated task. However, and thanks to the different developers of the root scene , performing this same action today is not more complex than installing a simple application.

Download the Easy DPI Changer [Root] below:

One of the most popular applications of the Play Store to change the resolution and DPI ( pixels per inch ) of our devices is  Easy DPI Changer . We just have to install it on our computer and set the appropriate parameters in the corresponding section to change both the resolution and the DPI of the screen (both can be changed in DPI Changer and Resolution Changer ). In the case that we want to calculate the pixels per inch that correspond to a certain resolution, we can resort to the section of DPI Calculator . We can also change aspects such as padding (distance of the image to the edges of the screen) in the respective section, although it is not necessary to modify the previous parameters.

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Something important to note is that this same application can cause a brick of our terminal . That is why we recommend you to find information about your model in forums such as HTCmanía or XDA-Developers  in order to check if the same tool works on the smartphone or tablet in question, as well as to establish appropriate values ​​according to the original resolution of the screen.



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