How To Change Screen Timeout Duration On Huawei P9

How To Change Screen Timeout Duration On Huawei P9

Hello, TechLector readers. We are going to be talking about how to change the screen timeout duration on Huawei p9. For those who do not know about the Huawei p9 yet, you can check out the phone’s specs and price and also where to buy it within Nigeria and pay on delivery HERE.


Now, for those who use or own an Huawei p9 phone, you might have tried changing the Huawei P9’s screen timeout, or you might have wondered how to do this mainly to save more battery life or for some other reasons. Knowing this will enable you to customise to the phone to meet what you want, and one preference which differs among users is how long the screen time is going to last on the Huawei p9.

Change Screen Timeout Duration On Huawei P9

The light of the Huawei P9 dims and then turns off after it has not been used for a period and the screen time which has been set on the phone is up to save battery life except when playing videos or some other situation. The default screen time laid down for the Huawei p9 is about thirty seconds to one minute. So if you want to learn how to change the amount of time your screen light lasts, then relax and read on as we explain how to do this step by step. It is also important to note that the Huawei p9 will tend to use more battery when the screen time is long than when it is short.

How To Change Screen Timeout Duration On Huawei P9

  • First, we go over to the Settings icon.
  • Next, we scroll down to Display and then click on it.
  • Next, we click on sleep, and a window appears which display different options for the screen time ranging from thirty seconds to five minutes.
  • Next, we choose our desired screen time, but before we do so, certain factors should be placed into consideration based on how we use our phones. We should also note that the longer the screen time, the more battery life that will be consumed. So, choose the one which best works for you, and that is all.

Another fantastic feature concerning the screen time on Huawei p9 is the ‘Smart Stay’ feature which is also on the display menu. Smart Stay turns the screen ON and OFF based on the eye recognition and how it works is that it uses the sensor located on the front of the phone to know when the phone user is looking at the phone and when the user is not.

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