Cheap Nigeria Internet Data Plans For PC, Tablets & Phones

We shall be sharing with you a complete list of all cheap internet data plans of major Nigeria network providers, their prices, data caps and subscription/activation codes inclusive. This guide once again covers a range of major network providers in Nigeria namely; MTN, Etisalat, GLO and Airtel.

List of Cheap Nigeria Internet Data Plans with Prices

List of Cheap Nigeria Internet Data Plans with Prices

Let’s get started.

Cheapest GLO Data Plans for PC, Tablets and Phone:

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodUSSD CodeSMS CodeTarget Device
Instant SurfN10010MB24 hours*127*51#Text 51 to 127Handset
One WeekN40050MB7 days*127*52#Text 52 to 127Handset/PC/tablets
Always MicroN1,000200MB30 days*127*53#Text 53 to 127Handset/PC/tablets
Always MacroN30001GB30 days*127*54#Text 54 to 127PC/tablets
Always MinN50003GB30 daysText 11 to 127PC/tablets
Always MaxN75006GB30 daysText 12 to 127PC/tablets
Always DayN500150MB24 hours*127*10#Text 10 to 127Handset/PC/tablets
Silver PlanN10,00010GB30 days*127*11#PC/tablets
Gold PlanN15,00015GB30 days*127*12#PC/tablets
PlatiniumN18,00020GB30 days*127*13#PC/tablets
Glo G100N6,0003GB data limit100 hoursText 20 to 127PC/tablets
Glo G300N15,0004GB data limit300 hoursText 21 to 127PC/tablets
Glo G WorkN6,0003GB data limit8am – 9pmText 31 to 127PC/tablets
Glo G LeisureN5,0003GB data limit8pm – 9am + all day weekendText 30 to 127PC/tablets

To comfirm your GLO Nigeria mobile internet bundle plan balances, text info to 127

Cheapest MTN Data Plans for PC, Tablets and Phone:

Data SizeCostCodeDuration
50MB DataN100Text “104 to 131” or Dial *131*104#24 Hours
100MB DataN200Text “113to 131” or Dial *131*113#24 Hours
750M DataN500Text “103 to 131” or Dial *131*103#7 Days
1.3GB DataN1,000Text “106 to 131” or Dial *131*106#30 Days
3.75GB DataN2,000Text ”110 to 131” or Dial *131*110#30 Days
5GB Data Plan (+N2560 free airtime)N2,000Text ” D2000 to 131”30 Days
10GB Data PlanN5,000Text ”116 to 131” or Dial *131*116#30 Days
22GB Data PlanN10,000Text ”117 to 131” or Dial *131*117#30 Days
50GB Data PlanN20,000Text ”118 to 131” or Dial *131*118#90 Days
85GB Data PlanN50,000Text ”133 to 131” or Dial *131*133#90 Days

To check the Data balance and Validity of the various plans, text 2 to 131.

Cheapest ETISALAT Data Plans for PC, Tablets and Phone:

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodUSSD CodeTarget Device
Etisalat Daily Internet BundleN10010MB24 hours*229*3*1#Handset
Etisalat Weekly Internet Browsing BundleN50050MB7 days*229*3*4#Handset
Etisalat 200MB Internet Browsing BundleN1,000200MB30 days*229*2*1#
Etisalat 500MB Internet Browsing BundleN2,000500MB30 days*229*2*2#Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Browsing BundleN4,0001.5GB30 days*229*2*4#Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 3GB Internet Browsing BundleN6,5003GB30 days)*229*2*3#Handset /PC /tablet
Etisalat 6GB Internet Browsing BundleN8,0006GB30 days*229*2*5#PC/tablet
Etisalat Night & Weekends BrowsingN4,00030 days*229*3*3#Handset /PC /tablet

You can confirm your data balance on Etisalat by dialing *228#

Cheapest AIRTEL Data Plans for PC, Tablets and Phone:

Plan NameService RentalBundle SizeValidity PeriodUSSD CodeTarget Device
Airtel Daily Internet BrowsingN10010MB24 hours*141*712*11#Handset
Airtel Day Internet BrowsingN500150MB24 hours*141*712*3#Handset /PC /Tablet
Airtel Weekly Internet BrowsingN40025MB24/7- 7 days*141*712*9#Handset
Airtel Weekend Internet BrowsingN3,0003GBweekends*141*712*8#Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Lite Internet BundleN1,000200MB24/7- 30 days*141*712*4#Handset /PC /tablet
Airtel Night Internet BrowsingN2,5003GB30 dayS*141*712*7#PC/tablet
Airtel Plus Internet BrowsingN5,0003GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*1#Handset /PC/tablet
Airtel Max Internet BrowsingN80005GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*2#PC/tablet
Airtel Premium Internet BundleN15,00010GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*5#PC/tablet
Airtel Smartphone Internet BundleN3,0001GB24/7- 30 days*141*712*10#PC/tablet

To confirm your Airtel Data Bundle Plans , just dial 2349#

Feel free to add any code you think can be useful using the comment box below.

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