It’s November guys, Happy new month friends, it so much gladdens our heart that we all are alive today. It has not been easy right from January till this day. But not withstanding we give God all the glory. We all know that data are important to our devices just as the way bread is vital to butter. So we will be listing some great and cheap data plans for the month of November 2016.



Now let’s begin,

MTN: MTN is presently giving their users free 5GB data plan for every new user and this new sim also come with 4G network. Or if you mis-place your sim card, just go to the nearest mtn office to get your sim back, and it is coming back with a 4G and 5GB free data.

MTN Data plans are still the same and it has not changed.i don’t really like buying data from mtn directly, I prefer third party sellers who are able to give me large sum of data plans.

This is what some Third party agents will give you;

1GB  = N600

1.5GB = N875

2GB for = N1200

3GB = N1600

3.5GB = N1800

4GB = N2000

5GB = N2700

If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, you can dial *131# and compare the data plans with the one posted above.

Now let’s move over to

Airtel: Airtel is also wonderful when it comes to Night plans because recently I discovered that my 1GB for N100 weekend plan, is not reducing at all. Instead it keeps increasing without any deductions, I wonder where Airtel is deducting the money from. Or is it some kind of reward? Well they should keep it up joor….

I hope you know that Airtel just introduced a new offer called Triple Surf Offer, which gives you upto 100% of data bonuses…

Airtel has now also made it very easy for their user to buy data bundles by just dialing *141#,  after dialing you will get a list of all available data offer. Well we don’t really like their list of bundles, so what we do is buy from third party sellers. And this is what they offer below.


1GB = 700

1.5GB = 900

3.5GB = 1800

7GB = 3150

9GB = 4000

The above list of datas are way better than their normal bundles.

Will it work on your phone?

Yes, it will work on Android, Blackberry10, iPhones/iPad, windows and PC devices.

Glo:  I love Glo naturally because of their data bundles, it’s just incomparable. when it comes to data bundles. They are the master of data. It takes a good network provider to give you the cheapest bundles at low prices. And also Note that, Glo 3G plans will work on 4G devices.

Etisalat: well we have not been hearing much from etisalat, it seems they are also working on something. I use to know etisalat to be very good in bringing up new ideas of data bundles, but not anymore. I guess it a very competitive world over there. For the month of November 2016 the best data bundles on etisalat are;

1GB for N800

1.5GB for N1000

2.5GB for N1600

3.5GB for N2000

5GB for N2500

10gb for N4500

And you might probably be asking the best 4G Data Plan

Well, For now, MTN and Etisalat 3G bundle works very well on 4G LTE network. But if yopu are talking about the cheapest, you should know its Glo. Other network should try to copy Glo. And as for Airtel, we are still waiting for them to launch their own 4G LTE network.

We do hope this list is helpful. Drop your comments please.


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