Apple advertises every year, usually in the month of December, the most prominent applications in the App Store. There are over a million of Apple apps out there, and figuring out which ones are worth your time (and storage space) can be a chore.

But Apple wants to help. Apple recently released a list of apps that all Apple device users should install on their devices. These are games with augmented reality and applications focused on mental health as this is considered more innovative when it comes to building apps.

Here are Apple’s apps everyone should have:

  • Best iPhone app: Calm
  • Best iPhone Game: Splitter Critters
  • Best application for iPad: Affinity Photo
  • Best Game for iPad: The Witness

The “Calm” application is designed to aid in your concentration to help you meditate. Splitter Critters is a puzzle game that is considered by many people to be “addictive.” Already on the iPad, Affinity Photo is an intuitive and very professional image and video editor, while The Witness is also a puzzle game, but with elements of the open world.

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Apple also announced that the most played album of 2017 was Drake’s “More Life,” and the most played song was Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Among the most watched films are “Moana,” “Rogue One: A Star Ward Story” and “Wonder Woman.” Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead were the best-selling series.

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Be sure to check out the most popular apps of the week for Android, iOS, and Windows.


  1. All the app listed are all good but apple themselves know the best app for iOS,love to get more informative article from you as this is going to really help me alot.


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