Samsung has been showing the world it is proud to showcase its up and coming Galaxy S10. This the team has been doing for months making sure people get bits of news here and there about the device.

While giving people those first looks at the smartphone, Samsung also announced a multitude of displays at the recent developer conference just concluded two weeks ago. The displays have tiny notches. Count the Infinity – U and Infinity – V as those among. The Infinity-O display had a small hole cut into the corner somewhere and that display can also be seen as an edge to edge display.

We still do not know which of the display types will live on the S10 for example, neither can we tell which phones will house any of the new displays announced. Also, it could be that Samsung is just flexing muscles and telling the world just how equipped it is to produce modern displays for the future.

However, there are those who staunchly believe that for the upcoming Galaxy S10, the Infinity-O display seems a perfect fit. Mock ups have already been created to support this idea of what the phone may look like when it berths. Now the display itself has leaked, which does not in a hundred percent show that it will actually be the display we await, seeing the information is leaked.

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Slashleaks have published some blurred photos of what are said to be likely the Infinity-O display. The web page claimed that it was indeed the display of Samsung Galaxy S10 and more people have come to agree with that notion than those who have not. So, naturally, smartphone analysts are thinking this could really be what we are waiting for.

In fact, one question that remains is if this new release will depart from the old Samsung culture that the world knows and the answer seems to be yes. Galaxy S10 may surprise the world with a radical divergence from Samsung’s previous line of devices.

These changes are sure to come from the insides and outsides of the smartphone. To conclude, there could even be three variants for this device next year.


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