UBA Bank Mobile Top Up
UBA Bank Mobile Top Up

Gone are the days when you needed to get yourself out from the comfort of your home just to know how much was in your bank account. These days UBA customers can quickly know if they should go partying on a Saturday night or stay in their houses by using a simple code.

Your mobile device does not need any internet connection or airtime before you can use the code to check your UBA account balance. Best of all, you can use this code from any mobile device that can dial a number, so this is not restricted to only smartphones.


How To Check UBA Account Balance On Phone

Dial 91900# on the phone number that is linked to your UBA bank account and waits for the USSD code to run. If all goes well, you will receive SMS containing the balance you have on your UBA account.

N/B; make sure you use the mobile number you registered your bank account with, you can register a new number at your nearest ATM point.

Alternatively, you can use the U-mobile app to check your account balance.


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