Checkm8 Expolit Can Lead To Permanent Jailbreaking On iPhones
Checkm8 Expolit Can Lead To Permanent Jailbreaking On iPhones

A security researcher has successfully discovered an exploit named Checkm8 which can lead to jailbreaking on iPhones that too permanently. The exploit checkm8 is to be pronounced “Checkmate” and allows jailbreaking of iPhones, starting from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone X.

More About Checkm8 Exploit

The security researcher who goes by the name ‘axi0mX’ on tweeter officially shared the jailbreaking flaw here. The announcement of Checkm8 was also made on GitHub.

It is to be noted that Checkm8 targets the bootrom, which indicates that the exploit is present in the first code that executes on an Apple device. As the bootrom code is only read-only, it is impossible for Apple to fix this flaw by releasing a software update.

To jailbreak your iPhone device, you need to have a computer system as the exploit works via USB. In addition to this, The Checkm8 GitHub page says that the iPhone can also be bricked while jailbreaking it.

What Are The Devices Affected By This Vulnerability?

According to the security researcher’s official tweet, Apple devices starting from the old iPhone 4s (having A5 chip) to the iPhone X (having A11 chip) are vulnerable to jailbreaking.

Furthermore, there are other Apple devices including various iPad models, and 5th generation and later iPod Touch prone to Checkm8 vulnerability.

The company needs to get serious about this exploit because it may lead to serious security threats in the future. However, it would not be easy for Apple to fix this because they can’t fix this vulnerability through a software update. The only way to get rid of this unpatchable flaw is by refreshing or making some changes to the hardware of the affected devices.

For your knowledge, the last bootrom exploit dubbed “limera1n” was found 10 years back for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, third and fourth-generation iPod Touch and the original iPad.

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