China Plans To Replace Their Windows OS Systems With Their Own Custom OS

China Is Forcing Its Tourist To Install 'Data Stealing' Malware On Their Phones

The Chinese government is planning to build a whole new operating system, especially for its military purposes. China government has no trust in using the operating systems like Windows, Linux or even UNIX.

The news of the building of a new OS by China was first reported by The Epoch Times. According to a report by the Canadian military magazine Kanwa Asian Defence on May 11 saying that Cina as started to work on building a new OS for its military purposes. This step will help China in preventing US hackers to get into China’s military network.

The trade war has started between China and the USA and the result if this is a ban on Huawei By USA. China is also taking steps to retaliate the USA in the same manner. The data collected by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks reflects that the USA could hack anything they want due to their excellent surveillance system.

Although the news the new OS being developed by China has gone viral, there is not an official statement made by the Chinese government regarding this. According to the magazine, the entire building work of the new OS will be carried out by a newly formed entity known as Internet Security Information Leadership Group. These entity members will work directly under the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP).

This way of working is the same as how the United States Cyber Command runs a separate group in the US Department of Defence which is independent of the US military and its agencies.

North Korea has developed its own OS named as Red Star OS in the late 90s. However, this operating system is not the only official OS which is being used here. Windows, Mac, and Linux are being used here parallelly.

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