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The 5G technology is expected to commercialize this year, and while many smartphone manufacturers have launched smartphones with the technology with many others on their way, the availability of the network is still in the works all around the world.

South Korea recently adopted the technology making them one of the earliest countries to do so. Three South Korean network operators announced their 5G pricing, and it starts a 55,000 won which is about $48.

China Unicom has also announced the first batch of 5G smartphones that the company will provide support for 5G connectivity. There are 12 brands and 15 smartphone models and CPEs from companies like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE among others included in the list.

Before the announcement was made, China Mobile and China Telecom had carried out corresponding 5G equipment testing and 5G network testing. A few days ago, the company made an announcement stating that a call was successfully madeusing a 5G smartphone on the Beijing 5G trial network.

With next generation 5G capability, faster data transmission, and lower latency features will be enabled and this will aid advanced technologies such as AI, ML, and autonomous driving.

After South Korea and China, US-based Sprint is making plans to launch the first commercial 5G services in the country by May in four cities. Other markets, including China, however, are not expected to roll out the technology commercially until next year.

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