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Google Play Store

Everyone knows the Android application store, Google Play. We have all received that warning message before downloading an application. She avoids exhausting all our data in one day, making life easier for many. All very well up to here, however, small applications were the executioners of our data. This is because Google Play did not warn us when we were using the data.

The Google Play update to choose whether to download with Data or WiFi

However, all this could be over. Google Play is consulting its users, a new option that would benefit everyone. Choose which network we prefer for downloading applications.

This would facilitate many users in different aspects. Are you in a hurry, some application that you need last minute and do not have WiFi? Your data was never as valuable as now. On the other hand, if we are at home in leisure time, WiFi is the best for us.

But this would not be all that the new Google Play update would includeWe could establish a notice that we indicated the size of the application before downloading it. This would allow us to see its size before making a download.

Availability of the Google Play update

For some days, the update is now available. It is possible that your smartphone has been updated automatically. However, to be sure, try downloading any application to see Google Play notices.

Configuration of the download

Just open the Play Store and go to “settings” and then to “Application download preferences”, to configure. Here you can customize your download methods according to your preference. It will allow us to choose between three download methods. Only download through our data or exclusively from a WiFi connection. But despite this, the best is 

“always ask”.

In this way, every time we go to download an application, a warning will appear. So we can select the one that is most convenient for the occasion. Because the measures are always important and especially the contexts.

Therefore, do not delay and check your Play Store. You may already have this update available and want to make the most of it. Surely you will find it very useful when downloading any app.

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