Christmas gifts for him, the most original technological proposals


It's time to think about Christmas gifts, and since there's plenty of time to do things comfortably, you can avoid doing those exaggerated shopping sessions. Why shrink to the last day, or almost, and hope to find everything is almost impossible. Today we focus on Christmas gifts for him, with an eye to the technology sector.

But do not expect smartphones, consoles or televisions. Those are evergreen for Christmas, but for this, you do not need to recommend them as gift ideas. The sector of technological gadgets, on the other hand, also offers many original and different proposals. A nice way to make a friend or a geeky relative happy by surprising him with something special.

The proposals are very varied, both as a typology and as a price range, so it is easier to find something nice to give and that satisfies you and especially those who receive your gift. But the surprise effect is to be the best element of an original gadget. And with this selection of Christmas gift ideas, you can be sure that you will be able to amaze anyone.

Stormtrooper Bluetooth Case - Let's start with the highlight of this selection. A gadget for collectors and fans of the Star Wars saga. This is a big Bluetooth speaker disguised inside an Imperial Assault helmet. The replica is in 1: 1 scale and was made using the original molds created by Andrew Ainsworth, the British designer who designed this icon of the saga. As a Christmas present, it is undoubtedly challenging, but if you do not have budget problems and you know great fans of the saga created by George Lucas, the Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker is a gadget that will hit the mark.

Watch Game Boy - How many of you have had the first historic Game Boy? Now Nintendo tries to relaunch it, but not with a new mini version as it is so fashionable during this period. It does so through its line of official gadgets, and the Game Boy wristwatch is undoubtedly one of the most interesting proposals. It is a digital clock that has in place of the case a miniature replica of the legendary portable console. The display is backlit, the keys work and are used for settings. And there is also a sound surprise: the clock also acts as an alarm clock, and the sound of the alarm is the theme of Super Mario Land.

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Portable mini console - While we're on the subject, how about a Christmas present for him to entertain him? Nintendo did not make a celebratory mini Game Boy (for now), but there is a very interesting alternative proposal. It is a portable console that shows a style that is a clear tribute to the most famous portable consoles. However, the dimensions are smaller (9.2 x 5.6 x 2.1 cm), but also has some technical improvements. The display is in color, while in place of the cartridges it uses an internal memory where there are already installed as many as 200 games in 16-bit.

Portable Floppy Disk - Does any of you still use Floppy Disks? Almost certainly, nobody uses floppies anymore. The world of technological gadgets, however, does not forget, and always finds a way to make nostalgic re-enactments of everything. For the floppy, however, the re-enactment is not just a dive into the past, it is made in such a way as to give new life to this piece of information technology history. The Floppy Disk has become a power bank, an indispensable device given the deficiencies of smartphone batteries. The design is right from Floppy Disk, as the size changes only the thickness that is about twice. The internal battery is 2.500mAh, enough to charge your smartphone or get more devices at the end of the day.

Mini DJ Mixer - Everyone has a friend who feels a bit like a missed DJ. In his small way, he could be right, and a gadget of the same size could be among the ideal Christmas gifts for him. The DJ Mini Mixer is the smallest mixer on the market. It is pocketable and can be taken anywhere. You can connect two smartphones or Mp3 players to mix music from the two devices, and also has an audio output for headphones or speakers. As a DJ instrument, it is just minimal, but it is certainly not a gadget to use to make disco evenings. For small home parties, it's just fine.

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